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Mexican Vacation - Diving, Hiking, Biking and Relaxing


mexican vacationWho is ready for a break? 

I know I am!  I want to feel the sun shining on my face while I dig my toes into damp cool sand and sip on a frosty drink.  Seriously, I am ready!

I love Cabo Pulmo.  I first went there in the 90's on a dive trip. The diving was great, and this was before Cabo Pulmo became a National Marine Park.  

'We are a Padi 5 Star Resort located in Cabo Pulmo, Baja California Sur, Mexico, directly in front of the national Marine Park. We have Baja's best diving and snorkeling with exceptional service to the customers." 

If you like to visit 'less traveled' places, then Cabo Pulmo is for you. It is definetly off the beaten path.  I prefer to be able to rest peacefully on the beach, with the sun on my face, my feet in the sand and hand around a frosty drink!  And having a place right on the beach, well that is just icing on the cake.

"Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort is a small rustic romantic getaway village of Palm-thatched bungalows that are located right in front of the National Marine Park of Cabo Pulmo just 60 miles up the Sea of Cortez on the gulf side. Most of the bungalows host a simple open floor plan modern in style but rustic in nature. Most casitas and bungalows offer a nice functional kitchen for cooking and some offer BBQ's and are Solar powered."

describe the imageA hike, a bike ride, oh to have the time to do the things I love!  Time to indulge myself is a vacation perk!  Cabo Pulm has some impressive hiking and biking trails.  You don't have to worry about bringing a bike, the Resort rents them.  Perfect way to spend a morning.  Or a sunset hike.  In my mind I am already doing it. Then I am going to the beach to feel the sun on my face, put my feet in the sand and sip a frosty drink. (It's a constant theme in my vacation dreams)

"If you want to get your heart pumping quickly, try the Cabo Pulmo mountain hike; it goes all the way to the top of the tallest mountain behind Cabo Pulmo. The views are incredible and in winter months when humpback whales are around, you can see them breaching off shore. To get to the mountain hike, walk the new road that's been built part way up the mountain. At the end of the road, climb the ridge to the top. There's really no "trail" but you can see where others have preceded. This hike is not for the out-of-shape or the faint-of-heart as parts of the upper reaches are steep." 

If you are ready for a break, give Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort a call!  We would love to see you. 

describe the image

Sun, Sand, Surf. And Beer!


cabo activities

What a great day off we had!  Well, not really.  Work never really stops when you're working and living at a remote resort like ours.  We decided to take some time off to check out the surf conditions.  As we drove the coastal road we were elated to see that we still have waves!  They looked great.  We unstrapped our boards, suited up, and headed out!  Isaac, being the experienced surfer that he is, paddled his 6' 7" board past the breakers making it look easy.  I struggled with my 10' 6" paddle board.  The wind was coming off-shore and I was having difficulty paddle thru the surf and wind.  Needless to say after 25mins I was done.  I rode some whitewater back to shore, cracked an ice-cold Corona beer and watched as Isaac got barreled.  He came out with his hands raised high!!! After a few more attempts to get barreled he threw in the towel, rode a wave to shore and we toasted our beers.  Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort isn't just a place for diving and snorkeling. We have miles of hiking & biking trails, hidden surf spots (sssshhhhhh), rock climbing, bird-watching, or just plain relaxation - Not forgetting the delicious food at the Coral Reef Restaurantdescribe the image.  If you're interested in knowing more about us feel free to contact us!

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Cabo Pulmo Marine Life


Marine life at Cabo Pulmo National Park near the southern tip of Baja California increased by 463 percent between 1999 and 2009

Diving in Cabo Pulmo is of the best in the world! Many professional dive travelers have witnessed this. Cabo Pulmo Dive Center is a Five Star PADI RESORT that offers all of the professional diving and snorkeling services. We have full time PADI Instructors that lead the dives and snorkel excursions each day as well as guide you toward further certifications. 

Cabo Pulmo National Park was protected in 1995 to safeguard the largest coral reef in the Gulf of California.  The area is home to an amazing reef system and is crucial to the feeding and breeding of an estimated 6000 species.  The reef is the northern-most coral reef in the eastern Pacific and is one of only three coral reefs on the west coast of North America.

After Mexican President Zedillo declared the National Marine Park, the people of Cabo Pulmo organized a conservation group to promote the conservation of the natural resources of the park.

Cabo Pulmo's reef is now the only healthy reef left in the Gulf of California.  It continues to attract divers from around the world.  And fishermen, too, as the waters surrounding the park are filled with spillover fish from the marine reserve.  

Cabo Pulmo is a quiet village that has no salesmen or trinket sales on the beaches to bother you, no TV (except in the bar if requested), no daily maid service (unless requested), no paragliders or noisy jet-skis either; it's against Park Rules. You can walk for miles on the beach and not see anyone at times. We generally have an unspoken curfew of 10:00pm when the Restaurant and the Bar closes. 

Underwater film of Cabo Pulmo National Park


Making David and Goliath from Octavio Aburto on Vimeo.

This image was taken in Cabo Pulmo National Park in Baja Mexico.  The image was entered in the National Geographic photo contest 2012.  This is a short film of the photographer, Octavio Aburto, shooting the underwater photos.

Best of luck to photographer Octavio Aburto.  We think his work is beautiful!

The Beauty of Cabo Pulmo, Baja Mexico


Come visit us at Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort and see for yourself the true beauty of Cabo Pulmo, Baja Mexico!

Call us from USA (562) 366-0722 or 0398
Call from Mexico (624) 14 10726
Email: info@cabopulmo.com

Fall Diving In Cabo Pulmo - Baja, Mexico


Now is the time to Dive Cabo Pulmo!  

September, October and November are the best months for diving Cabo Pulmo, Baja Mexico.

The visibility at this time is an impressive 60 feet or more!  This is due to the calm weather, which creates a calm and flat sea.  The water temperature is an average of 85 F - ideal!  These are perfect conditions for diving in the Sea of Cortez.

With the excellent visibility, you will not be disappointed in all you can see diving at Cabo Pulmo.  The Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is a government protected hard coral reef.  The reef is home to thousands of different marine species, including whales, manta rays, sea turtles, octopuses, mobula rays, lobsters and many, many more.  The shores along the Sea of Cortez have soft and porous rock.  All the cracks and crevices in the rock make perfect homes for the smaller sea creatures.  Now is the time to immerse yourself in an underwater wonderland.  At Cabo Pulmo, there is no shortage of marine life!

cabo pulmo marine park                    best time to dive cabo


 The autumn is also beautiful on land in Cabo Pulmo.  The hight tempertures and high humidity make way for warm and pleasent days and evenings.  The dry hot desert is invigorated with moisture and seems to transforms into a beautiful garden that pops with burst of color!

baja mexico divingfall diving in cabo







Another great aspect of travelintg  to Cabo Pulmo in the Fall is there are fewer people traveling during these months.  This allows for speedy, uncomplicated travel!  So, what's stopping you?  Come dive beautiful, warm waters and relax in our 'garden' with us!  We look forward to seeing you!

baja bungalows in mexico





Baja Bungalows at Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort


Cabo Baja Bungalows 

 Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort offers the perfect setting for your Baja Mexico get-away!  Waiting for you is a place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life - with the sea breeze whispering through the shady palm trees and the soft mesmerizing sound of the the Sea of Cortez wrapping around the golden beaches.


baja mexico bungalows

 The Beach House is like a front porch on the Sea of Cortez.  You can expect a restful nights sleep on a double bed or two single beds it offers in the studio style main house. Or, if you prefer a bit more privacy you can slumber in the master bedroom that boasts a queen bed and open shower.  Make a delicious latte in the full kitchen and enjoying it in the morning sun on the patio.  The patio also has a BBQ to grill fresh caught fish on. The Beach House also provides a dining room and half bath. 


bungalows in baja mexico Our Village Casita studio has a fabulous second level deck overlooking the ocean.  Sit, relax and enjoy the view either from the deck or on the ground level patio which is surrounded by a tranquil garden space.  The Casista consists of a fully functional kitchen, delightful dining space, serene living room, a bathroom with an outside shower (ahhh, so nice!), a queen bed and a double futon.  An excellent spot to kick back after a day of diving or snorkeling the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park.



Cabo Beach Bungalows

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort offers three Deluxe Bungalows.  A hammock and a cool drink?  Who could ask for more after hiking or mountain biking the awesome trails of Cabo Pulmo.  Inside the bungalows you will find an efficient kitchen, a dining space, a cozy living room and a full indoor bathroom.  You can sprawl out on a queen size bed while your little ones snuggle up on the two single sized beds.   BBQ are available upon request.




surfing in caboWhatever you are looking for, we have got you covered. We hope you can come visit us soon. Mi Casa es Su Casa!

Hiking In Cabo Pulmo - A Labor of Love


Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort offers much more to do than just world class diving in a pristine coral reef.  We have miles and miles of awesome trails that offer breath taking views and are perfect for hiking and mountain biking.

Cabo Hiking

The trails were created by locals who wanted to make it possible for tourist visiting their town to see all that Cabo Pulmo has to offer.  The trails were made with rakes and shovels and have taken over 15 years to complete.  A true labor of love by those that love Cabo Pulmo and call it home.  

Activities in Cabo

You can enjoy beautiful ocean views while hiking or mountain bike riding.  The trails wind through the vast desert where you will come across all types of birds, including the infamous road runner!  Whales migrating south can also be spotted from the trails.The best time to go is in the morning when the temperatures are cooler and a soft cooling breeze is coming off the ocean.  

Cabo Pulmo Dive area

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort rents mountain bikes too, so if you don't feel like hiking you can grab a bike and enjoy a ride.  We hope to see you in Cabo Pulmo soon!

Diving in Cabo Pulmo, Mexico is Spectacular!


Diving in Mexico has been enjoyed by millions of divers over the past few years.  Snorkeling Cabo Pulmo Mexico

Dive enthusiast from around the world have been travelling to Mexico with dive groups, dive clubs and dive buddies just to experience the warm, clear oceans off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and the island of Cozumel.  

These dive particular destinations have been visited so many times by the same divers that they seem to be losing their appeal.  Dive store owners and dive club operators are now searching to experience new dive destinations to keep their members and customers from jumping ship.  The challenge is how to find world class diving close to home, reasonably priced and exciting for all levels of divers.

There's a not so new dive destination here in Mexico that is just starting to catch on......... CABO PULMO! World class, reasonably priced exciting diving in Baja Mexico. 

It's a far cry from the concrete jungle of Cancun, or the cold water sink holes in Tulum that some call cenotes.  

Cabo Pulmo is a hidden treasure located just one hour from the Los Cabos Airport. A place that is home to 100 residents (1/2 of them Mexican. the other 1/2 Gringo), a dirt road runs thru it, as does the Baja 500.  There are 6 restaurants, no grocery stores, no gas stations, no power lines and no ATM machines.  Oddly enough, there are 5 well maintained tennis courts, miles & miles of bike and hike trails and some of the best food on the planet.  

But the coolest thing is the DIVING!!!  It's equal to or better than any other dive destination in Mexico.  It is in a class of diving all by itself.  

There are more fish, bigger fish, more schools of fish, bigger schools of fish, more species of fish, bigger species, whales, rays, mantas, moray eels (swimming in the open), sharks, dolphins, orcas, sea lions, nudibranchs, coral, I can go on and on....  So much bio mass that Jacques Cousteau called Cabo Pulmo "The Aquarium of the World".

If someone would have told me 10 years ago that Jacques had said that about a place so close to home, I would have been coming here every couple of months to do some diving!  And Cabo Pulmo does get a tremendous amount of business from people who do just that.

Dive Cabo Pulmo is an amazing deal.  Come for a long weekend, summer's almost here.   It's a great place for family diving, old friends to reunite, and a FUN place stay and play.

Cabo Pulmo is offering 50% off EVERYTHING during May & June.  It's worth the trip.  Cabo Pulmo is a vortex...If you go once, you will return again and again.

Make those plans now. 

Visit the website at www.cabopulmo.comreef fish in Cabo Pulmo Mexico


New Travel Advisory Safe to Travel Baja California Sur Mexico


Bureau of Consular Affairs. 

Mexico - February 08, 2012

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort


We have all heard the horror stories of travelling to Mexico.  Carjackings, drugs, kidnappings, etc, etc...These warnings are greatly exaggerated and put in place by government officials that are discouraging travel outside of the United States.

Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  It depends on American and Canadian tourists to help sustain it's economy.  

I have lived and worked in Mexico for over 6 years.  I have a beautiful Mexican wife who has been here her whole life and we have never experienced any problems out of the ordinary. Of course you'll run into problems if you put yourself in a bad situation.  The key is to be smart.  Just remember all the things you were taught as a kid.  The Mexican Government is doing their best to combat criminal activity.  That said, there are places here in Mexico that I won't even visit.  But rest assured that areas like Baja California Sur (Los Cabos, Cabo Pulmo, La Paz, Loreto, Mulege, etc...) are very safe and secure.  The Army, Marines and local law enforcement, along with US law enforcement have really kept Baja Sur clean from drug traffickers.  

The below statement comes directly from the US Dept of State:

Baja California (South): Cabo San Lucas is a major city/travel destination in the Southern portion of Baja California - No advisory is in effect.

So what are you waiting for - Give us a call and get ready to dive cabo, surf cabo, snorkel cabo, mountain bike cabo, relax in cabo, hike cabo, bird watch cabo.

Check out our website www.cabopulmo.com and check our SPECIALS !!!

US: 562-366-0722 (the call is free)  MX: 624-141-0726

Tell 'em Rick sent you.  See you soon!


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