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Cabo Pulmo Last Minute Deals on Bungalows


Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort

Last Minute Deals

Now is a great time to visit Baja Mexico's Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort!

We are offering Low Season Rates on our Baja Bungalows and Beach House.  

These rates will be in effect from December 1st thru the 15th.

Our Bungalows Offer- 

  • charming studio style accommodations 
  • breathtaking ocean views
  • cozy kitchens and dining areas
  • comfortable full bathrooms
  • spacious and open living room area
  • relaxing patio/decks with BBQ's
  • enticing gardens.

baja bungalows mexico

baja bungalows









Our Beach House Offers-

  • spacious and open kitchen and dining room
  • inviting sleeping areas
  • serene outdoor shower
  • expansive deck and patio areas
  • breathtaking views of the 'Aquarium of the World' (How Jacques Cousteau described the Sea of Cortez)
  • front row seats on the sandy beach

dive cabobaja bungalows mexico







Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort is located right on the Cabo Pulmo National Park.  The marine park has been protected since 1995 and is the largest coral reef in the Gulf of California.  The sea life is so abundant, it is extradordinary.  

The village of Cabo Pulmo is a rustic and romantic place that is perfect for a quick get-away. 

We think everyone deserves a break before the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season!  We invite you to visit us in beautiful, warm and sunny Cabo Pulmo, Baja Mexico! 

Contact us today, we would love to have you visit.

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Baja Mexico Adventures


Dive, Surf, Bike, Relax, Repeat

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort is the place to visit!

Dive Cabo

We offer something for anyone in your group.  Perhaps you want to some extraordinary diving on a lush and lively coral reef.  We have it!  Dive, Dive, Dive is the motto of our 5 Star Padi describe the imageDive Center!  Our most popular dives are close to the resort and are just a short boat trip from shore.  You will be impressed with the vibrance and beauty of Cabo Pulmo's National Marine Park that shelters the coral reef.  The Marine Park has been closed to fishing since 1995 and therefore the marine life is abundant.  It is nothing less than magical to dive through the vitality filled water! 


Surf Cabo 

baja california surfing, surf baja

The action above the water is also invigorating!  Cabo Pulmo boast some impressive surf sites.  We have four breaks in fairly close proximity to our resort.  El Rincon is the closest break and delivers big swells and is sheltered from the south winds.  Punta Perfecta break is to the south of Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort and has optimal Fall surfing conditions.  When it goes off, it is big and seriously fun!  Access and the tide are two factors to consider at Punta Perfecta, but if you hit it right you are guaranteed a good ride.

Bike Cabo

Mountain biking in Cabo will introduce you to the flourishing and diverse ecosystem of the Baja California desert.  While many think the desert is barren, you are sure to find it to be anything but desolate. The mountain bike trail (also used for hiking) goes up the tallest mountain in Cabo Pulmo.  The views are incredible!  When the humpback whales are around you can spot them breaching off shore.  No worries if you don't bring your bike, we rent bikes out at Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort!


Baja Get-Away

baja bungalows, baja bungalowJust need to relax?  How about some warm sunshine and cold drinks! Our beach bungalows were built with chillin in mind!  Your worries will float away in the ocean breeze as you sit on a deck overlooking the Sea of Cortez listening to the whispering palm trees.  We have a bungalow to fit any budget and all of them are clean and comfortable.

Ready for a Mexican get-away?  Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort invites you to enjoy all that Baja Mexico has to offer!

 Contact us now to plan your trip!

Baja California Diving


Diving Baja California, Cabo Pulmo Style

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort is a PADI 5 Star Dive Center!  We are located in Cabo Pulmo, Baja California, Mexico and happen to be located right on a National Marine Park.  We have the best diving and snorkeling in Baja California Sur, Mexico.  


baja california cabo, baja cali diving, diving baja california 

Top 10 Reasons To Dive Cabo Pulmo, Baja California with Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort

  1. Giant Fish! And LOTS of them! 
  2. Dive Sites are close, only about a 10 minute boat ride.
  3. Cabo Pulmo, Mexico is a remote and quaint village!
  4. Dive groups are small with a 6 diver maximum.
  5. Dive a National Marine Park, no fishing, just diving & snorkeling!
  6. We are a 5 Star PADI Resort and Dive Center.
  7. We use Nitrox in our tanks (mixture of nitrogen and oxygen)
  8. We keep our equipment up-to-date and inspected at all times.
  9. We offer Baja Bungalow lodging at reasonable rates to fit any budget.
We invite you to come stay with us and find out first hand what an amazing place to dive Cabo Pulmo, Mexico really is!  
Contact us to get your dive vacation started!
diving course, baja california cabo diving

Baja Bungalows at Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort


Cabo Baja Bungalows 

 Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort offers the perfect setting for your Baja Mexico get-away!  Waiting for you is a place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life - with the sea breeze whispering through the shady palm trees and the soft mesmerizing sound of the the Sea of Cortez wrapping around the golden beaches.


baja mexico bungalows

 The Beach House is like a front porch on the Sea of Cortez.  You can expect a restful nights sleep on a double bed or two single beds it offers in the studio style main house. Or, if you prefer a bit more privacy you can slumber in the master bedroom that boasts a queen bed and open shower.  Make a delicious latte in the full kitchen and enjoying it in the morning sun on the patio.  The patio also has a BBQ to grill fresh caught fish on. The Beach House also provides a dining room and half bath. 


bungalows in baja mexico Our Village Casita studio has a fabulous second level deck overlooking the ocean.  Sit, relax and enjoy the view either from the deck or on the ground level patio which is surrounded by a tranquil garden space.  The Casista consists of a fully functional kitchen, delightful dining space, serene living room, a bathroom with an outside shower (ahhh, so nice!), a queen bed and a double futon.  An excellent spot to kick back after a day of diving or snorkeling the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park.



Cabo Beach Bungalows

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort offers three Deluxe Bungalows.  A hammock and a cool drink?  Who could ask for more after hiking or mountain biking the awesome trails of Cabo Pulmo.  Inside the bungalows you will find an efficient kitchen, a dining space, a cozy living room and a full indoor bathroom.  You can sprawl out on a queen size bed while your little ones snuggle up on the two single sized beds.   BBQ are available upon request.




surfing in caboWhatever you are looking for, we have got you covered. We hope you can come visit us soon. Mi Casa es Su Casa!

Cabo Pulmo- Because you deserve it!


snorkeling in cabo Ahhhhh, nothing like the beautiful silence of having your head underwater!  How I love the sound of my breathing while diving in the amazing beauty of the Sea of Cortez.  It is an escape from everything. No cell phones, no kids crying, no bosses shouting orders, no traffic whizzing by.  Not even any talking.  

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort offers a get away like few others.  It is a place to do so much or so little - it's all up to you.

We have quaint baja style bungalows and a Cabo beach house.  You can sit under palm trees and listen to the waters of the Sea of Cortez while enjoying a soft breeze.  Our bungalows are your home away from home and offer more than just breath-taking views.  Air conditioning, full kitchens, full baths, shaded patios, hammocks...the list goes on!

You can fill your days with beach hiking, mountain bike riding, paddle boarding, snorkeling or scuba diving.  

The trails for hiking and biking are a work of art and a labor of love.  Made by locals, the trails have taken years to evolve into the wide and winding byways they have become.  We offer mountain bike rentals at Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, so if the urge arises, we have you covered.

Paddle boarding has found it's way to our village!  It's an excellent way to explore the sea.  Many also use their SUPs for surfing as well.  cabo paddle boarding

The snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo is impressive.  You do not have to go far to see increadible marine life.  Our waters are filled with fish!  A snorkel tour will take you to the best places to get the full benefits of swimming with the aqquatic wildlife.  This is something everyone should experience, it is magical.

And scuba diving in Cabo is an experience people travel from all corners of the world to partake in.  It is world famous, it is exceptional.  It is home of the northern most coral reef in the eastern Pacific and is one of only three coral reefs on the west coast of North America.  The reef is home to over 6000 species!  All of this, right here in Baja Mexico.  Wow. 

You deserve a vacation here!  Come see us, we will treat you like an old friend.  

Peace, quiet, sun and sea.  Cabo Pulmo has it all!  We hope to see you soon!cabo baja bungalows



Cabo Pulmo


Cabo Pulmo is a small community of about 100 residents, half of whom are Mexican Nationals and the other half American and Canadian "snowbirds" that have bought small lots and built themselves houses to escape their cold winters. 

Cabo pulmo mexico

The main attractions of Cabo Pulmo are its world class scuba diving and snorkeling sites. These sites include eight coral reef formations that stretch from the sandy shores to approxiamately a mile out into the sea.  Other noteworthy attractions include the village's tranquility, great local fare, quaint thatched roof bungalows, whale-watching, bird watching, miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, and of course, surfing!Cabo Pulmo diving

Cabo Pulmo was declared a National Park by the federal government 17 years ago. Since then the reef has shown a 463% increase in biomass (sea-life).  Entrance to the park requires a $5 per person fee, which is well worth it!  Kids six and under are not required to pay.

In the center of town sits Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, often referred to as the "Hub" of town. Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort consists of 18 bungalows, a diving and snorkel center, its own restaurant and an international staff to accommodate most cultural and language barriers.  

Cabo Pulmo Beach ResortThe bungalows range from Eco Bungalows, that sleep two or three, up to the Beach House, that can accommodate nine guests comfortably.  They have fully equipped kitchens, gas BBQ grills on the patio/deck, outside hammocks and some even have a 2nd story deck. 



 The Coral Reef Restaurant is located above the dive center and reception. It boasts local and international fare that includes tasty mexican dishes, delicious pastas, steak and potatoes and of course, FRESH FISH!

describe the image

Cabo Pulmo has a flare for all types, whether you just want to realx and have a lazy day or two, or if you seek the adventures of land and sea, or maybe a couple of days of each. Whatever you choose, it's your vacation and the folks in Cabo Pulmo are always quick to offer you advise on where to go, things to do and places to visit.  

At Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, guest won't be bothered by staff.  After check-in you are left alone to enjoy your bungalow.  Unless you request the service, no room service or cleaning staff will interrupt your stay.

You will notice that everyone waves to each other, whether they know you or not. Cabo Pulmo is a very welcoming town.

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort has a 60% repeat customer base, the diving and snorkeling are the main reasons people keep coming back.

Jacques Cousteau called this area, the Sea of Cortez, "The Aquarium of the World".  What more can be said? 

Sea of Cortez



New Travel Advisory Safe to Travel Baja California Sur Mexico


Bureau of Consular Affairs. 

Mexico - February 08, 2012

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort


We have all heard the horror stories of travelling to Mexico.  Carjackings, drugs, kidnappings, etc, etc...These warnings are greatly exaggerated and put in place by government officials that are discouraging travel outside of the United States.

Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  It depends on American and Canadian tourists to help sustain it's economy.  

I have lived and worked in Mexico for over 6 years.  I have a beautiful Mexican wife who has been here her whole life and we have never experienced any problems out of the ordinary. Of course you'll run into problems if you put yourself in a bad situation.  The key is to be smart.  Just remember all the things you were taught as a kid.  The Mexican Government is doing their best to combat criminal activity.  That said, there are places here in Mexico that I won't even visit.  But rest assured that areas like Baja California Sur (Los Cabos, Cabo Pulmo, La Paz, Loreto, Mulege, etc...) are very safe and secure.  The Army, Marines and local law enforcement, along with US law enforcement have really kept Baja Sur clean from drug traffickers.  

The below statement comes directly from the US Dept of State:

Baja California (South): Cabo San Lucas is a major city/travel destination in the Southern portion of Baja California - No advisory is in effect.

So what are you waiting for - Give us a call and get ready to dive cabo, surf cabo, snorkel cabo, mountain bike cabo, relax in cabo, hike cabo, bird watch cabo.

Check out our website www.cabopulmo.com and check our SPECIALS !!!

US: 562-366-0722 (the call is free)  MX: 624-141-0726

Tell 'em Rick sent you.  See you soon!


Cabo Pulmo Managers Tie the Knot After Six Years


The managers at Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort finally get married.  After living and working together as managers of dive resorts, managing boutique hotels and travelling around Mexico Rick and Getse tie the Knot on the 4th of May, 2012.  They have been working together at Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort running Cabo Dive Center & Coral Reef Restaurant for nearly three years. Let's wish these two newlyweds a long and prosperous life and lifelong marraige.  having said all of that.  if you'd like to dive cabo, snorkel cabo or inquire about bungalow rentals, these are the 2 to talk to.  Feel free to give them a buzz at US: 562-366-0722 or MX: 624-141-0726 Ask for Rick or Getse and tell them you saw this post for 50% discount on your stay.

Cabo Pulmo Wedding

Cheap Vacation Travel Mexico 50% off Bungalows, Dive Cabo, Snorkel


Cabo Pulmo Village










Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort is offering their annual Stay & Play Vacation Special. During the months of May & June you will recieve 50% off of all of your stay & play activities.  Whether you enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, mountain biking or hiking, surfing or just reading a book and lounging the discount applies to all activities.  You will receive 50% off all of the following activities:

Bungalow Rentals / Diving & Snorkeling tours / PADI Scuba Diving Courses / Meals / Mountain Bike Rentals / Surf Board Rentals & Snorkel Equipment Rentals.

We do not inflate our prices and then offer a discount - The 50% discount is off of our regular advertised prices see www.cabopulmo.com

Give us a call or email us and mention this blog to receive your 50% off special.

Travel must be between the dates of May 1, 2012 and June 30th, 2012. (Reservations made before May 1, 2012 do not apply.) 

Keep in mind that this yearly special has become quite popular by those "in the know" so we tend to sell out quickly.  Availability is based on first come first serve - Payment must be made at time of booking to confirm the discounted rate.  CALL NOW TO RESERVE 

See you soon!

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort Team

US: 562-366-0722 MX: 624-141-0726

info@cabopulmo.com www.cabopulmo.com



Employee Housing Remodel at Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo Employee Housing
At Cabo Pulmo we not only provide diving, snorkeling, mountain biking, hiking, great food and spacious bungalows, but we also provide our employees with free accommodation.  In our efforts to become a destination resort in Cabo Pulmo providing our customers with the best possible vacation experience, we've decided to improve our employee accommodations.  Our hope is to attract a higher end types of employees with the experience to better serve our customers.  We are adopting a "Our Customers, Our Service, Our Future" motto.  The new house will have four bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, full kitchen and living room.  It will house one of our chefs, and a waiter from the Coral Reef Restaurant, our assistant manager from Cabo Pulmo Dive Center and and employee from our waterworks company.  We are striving not only to please our customers, but our staff as well.  Welcome to Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort. Come experience the difference. 
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