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Mobula Rays in Cabo Pulmo


During the winter season, a strange sound resonates across Cabo Pulmo Bay. It looks like boiling water and sounds like someone is cooking popcorn on an industrial scale.

Thousands of mobula rays congregate in the bay every year. They can be seen leaping from the water, sometimes five to ten at a time, reaching a height of three meters or more above the water, before returning to earth with a loud splash.

mobula rays cabo pulmo

Why they do it, no one really knows.

Some people say they do it to escape from predators, others believe they do it to remove parasites; another group thinks it’s a meeting ritual.

We don’t really know, and we prefer to believe that they like to take a look of the outer space, as we like to go underwater to check them out.  

Which ever is the reason is an unforgettable spectacle that only the Sea of Cortes can give.

Little is known about the Mobula rays, how long they live, at what age can they reproduce, etc.. But one thing we know: it’s one of the most spectacular shows that nature can perform.

These rays live in the open ocean, swimming continuously through the water column instead of resting on the sea floor like other rays.

1525674 642223955836739 457440845 n

Like whale sharks, these rays are filter feeders that primarily eat microscopic plankton and krill, with the occasional small fish.

Cabo Pulmo, has the privilege to see them every year in the winter season schooling and jumping all over the sea.

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort invites you to come and take a ride with the only PADI Dive Center and PADI 5 Star Resort in the National Park.

Cabo Pulmo Winter Specials




Valid:  December 20th, 2013 through March 30th, 2014.

Cabo Pulmo Rays

With the winter coming soon, Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort is offering 5 different packages for our beloved customers, to come and enjoy the beauties of Cabo Pulmo National Park during this winter season.

Accommodation, meals, and a menu of different activities are part of these Winter Packages.

You can enjoy bike rides through the hills, snorkeling tours with the sea lions, learn to dive experiences or if you are a certified diver you can enjoy some diving trips, all of these activities combined during your days in Cabo Pulmo.

  All packages below include:

  • Daily activities / sports
  • 4 nights accommodation based on Double Occupancy, room type:
  • Eco Bungalow. (Room type upgrades Available. Single, Triple or quadruple occupancies available at special prices.)
  • Welcome dinner, 3 days of 3 meals/day, Goodbye Breakfast.
  • Free T shirt, and welcome Cocktail.
  • All taxes included.

 Pick from these Activities:

  • Snorkeling : fins, mask, snorkel, wetsuit, life vest and boat tour.
  • Discover Scuba : includes all the Scuba gear, theory and pool
  • instruction with a PADI Instructor and 1 open water dive,
  • Discover Scuba Extra Tank : includes 2 open water dives, all equipment & PADI instructor.
  • Certified Divers : 2-tank dive. Does not include the dive gear.
  • Mountain Biking : 24 hr. Mountain Bike rental and Helmet. 

Cabo Pulmo National Park entrance Fee (MX$ 54 or U$ 5 per day) is not included.

Package 1- $ 439 pp

  • Day 1. Snorkeling
  • Day 2. Discover Scuba Diving
  • Day 3. Mountain Biking

Package 2-  $ 449 pp

  • Day 1. Discover Scuba Diving,
  • Day 2. Discover Scuba Diving extra tanks
  • Day 3. Mountain Biking

Package 3-  $ 399 pp

  • Day 1. Snorkeling
  • Day 2. Mountain Biking
  • Day 3. Snorkeling

Package 4- $ 439 pp

  • Day 1. Certified Scuba Diving (2 tanks)
  • Day 2. Certified Scuba Diving (2 tanks)
  • Day 3. Mountain Biking

Package 5-  $ 449 pp

  • Day 1. Certified Scuba Diving (2 tanks)
  • Day 2. Certified Scuba Diving (2 tanks)
  • Day 3. Snorkeling

Best Cabo Pulmo National Park Video Ever..........


We are proud to present the new Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort video, and invite you to come visit us for the best underwater experience of your life in Cabo Pulmo.

A few days ago we released our new institutional video promoting Cabo Pulmo as the great diving destination that it is, and Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort as the only PADI dive center and PADI 5 Star Resort in the area.

This 5 minute video is NOT just another video of Cabo Pulmo - NOT AT ALL! This video was designed to show the magnificence of life in Cabo Pulmo and how Cabo Pulmo is truly a very special place.  

Our Resort (Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort) does nothing but add professionalism, safety and incredible service so you have the best experience in Cabo Pulmo you possibly can.

You will see in this video that Cabo Pulmo National Park offers a unique underwater environment full of healthy corals, endless schools of fishes, rays, turtles, whales, sharkes, sea lions, and pristine waters in the season.

This video was done in 3 days of consecutive underwater shooting back in September.  Some final shots were done back in November in one diving day.  So this incredible 5 minutes of underwater shooting compresses 4 days of diving in Cabo Pulmo National Park with Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort. 

Erick Higuera was our videographer and final editor of this video.  This was by no means a casual endeavor. When we decided to make this short video, we imagined it through Erick's eyes. We know the passion he feels for his job, and knew we would love the video he would create.  We simply couldn't imagine a better way to show Cabo Pulmo's underwater beauty than through Erick's eyes.

So, as I said before, this is not just another video of Cabo Pulmo.  This is a film testimony that when things are done right, life takes over again.  We just need to protect our oceans in the same way we've been protecting our little paradise here in Cabo Pulmo National Park, and we will eventually have healthy corals and sea life everywhere.

In the mean time, Cabo Pulmo is an open window to see how oceans were in the past, and how they can recover.  Cabo Pulmo's beauty and abundance of life could be our future if we decide to take action and protect our oceans. 

In our video, you have the opportunity to view incredible schools of Bigeye Trevallis, Panamic Pork Fish, Burrito Grunts, Graybar Grunts, Pacific Dog Snappers, Amarillo Snappers, Leopard Groupers, Gulf Groupers, Diamond Stingrays, Bat Rays, Guineanfoul Puffer Fish, Surgeon Fishes, Tiger Groupers, Parrot Fish and Sea Turtles. 

These 5 minutes say more than a million words possibly can. We are proud to present the new Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort video, and invite you to come and visit us so you can have the best underwater experience of your life in Cabo Pulmo.

Diving with Jacks in Cabo Pulmo


Cabo Pulmo JacksCabo Pulmo National Marine Park, is known for its incredible sea life, colorful coral reef, and warm clear waters in the fall.  While sharks, Mantas, Mobula and Cow Nose Rays are eventual visitors. 

ALL of them are incredibly beautiful and breath taking, but to experience the Massive Schools of Jack is absolutely amazing.  It is not only memorable for our divers, but for our underwater photographers and videographers alike. 

Grunts and Snappers like to school in massivePampanos Cabo Pulmo numbers in several dive sites.  While Pacific Creoles, African Pampanos and Panamic Pork fish are seen in big schools at every dive site.  

The Diamond Stingrays tend to aggregate in the sandy areas during the season which gives the divers a chance for close interaction with these fantastic animals. 

cabo pulmo divingDo you remember that beautiful photo in National Geographic? The one with the incredible view of schooling fishes? Well, thats happening again - right now.  Jacks are starting to meet in big numbers over the divesites. When we say "Big Numbers" we truly mean it! Thousands of big silver Jacks converging in one place, is a site no single photographer or videographer should ever miss!

Dive communities all over the world have become accustom to this magnificent spectical that is Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park.

As of late, while walking around Cabo Pulmo, we see people carrying big expensive cameras getting ready to experience a dive like no other, a dive that will quite literally, knock their socks off.  

Armed with wide and super wide angle lenses, they begin feverishly documenting this astounding dive destination. While schools of Jack are seemingly waiting for the divers to play, and strobes to shoot. 

diving in mexico

 "This little place in the Sea of Cortez is unspoiled.  They call it - "The Aquarium of the World", and it definitely is."

If you ever see a group of professional photographers and videographers making their way into a boat, to go diving in a particular place, you should strongly consider researching that place.  Because, rest assured, there is something special about that place. Cabo Pulmo is that special place.

diving cabo pulmo mexico

Don't let another day slip through your fingers. Give us a call and jump on a plane.  We'll take care of the rest. 

Click here for details

Underwater photography in Cabo Pulmo

Dave Valencia When the water is 86/88 degrees, visibility is around 80 ft, you are in the middle of endless schools of fish, the coral reef is the only one on that side of your continent.....You know you are scuba diving in Cabo Pulmo National Park and that you are doing it during the fall season.

That is how Cabo Pulmo is during these months, an invitation to spend your days and nights with your scuba gear on, sorrounded by incredible sea life in one of the most incredible places on earth for Scuba Diving.

coral reef sea of cortezsea of cortez

This time of the year is an invitation to bring your underwater cameras, and leave the batteries exhausted after 1 dive, because you will be shooting, non stop from minute one until the last breath during our dives.

This is what our friend Dave Valencia, a very well known underwater photographer (did you see your Project Aware e mails??, remember the whale shark being rescued?? well....), experienced when he visited us in september.

reef photossea of cortez ship wreck

As he said to his friends "Beautiful. Amazing Cabo Pulmo. I've only done a few dives there, but I'm a believer now...", and yes he didn´t believe us when we told him our stories about this incredible place on earth.

These are just some of the photos Dave was taking during his dives in Cabo Pulmo, and we wanted to share them with you.

eel sea of cortezdiving cabo pulmo

If after this photos you are not booking your flight to come and dive right away in Cabo Pulmo, well.....you can do it next year too.

diving sea of cortezcoral reef sea of cortez

Don´t forget to bring your Underwater Camera, and if you want to improve your photo skills, you can take our PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty or choose to take our special AOW + DUP package 


 underwater photography cabo pulmoshipwreck cabo pulmo mexicodiving cabo pulmo mexico


Diving in Cabo Pulmo El vencedor Wreck


In Cabo Pulmo, diving can not be expressed with mere words...How can one describe a live aquarium in the open sea??  How can words express the emotions that bubble over in ones mind with such depth that even speaking them seems harshly inadequate?  It simply is not possible.  You have to visit "The Aquarium Of The World" - the Sea Of Cortez, to truly grasp the sense of awe inspiring freedom and beauty that is placed with gentle hands before your eyes.  You have to visit Cabo Pulmo.  But, until that time comes, enjoy this short video of our dive week at El Vencedor Wreck. 

Don´t miss the best diving in Baja California, in Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, we offer you special promotions to ensure you have a unique diving experience in this underwater paradise.

Check our special promotions for Certifed and non Certifed divers on this blog... 

Bring a Friend to Cabo Pulmo and Get Rewarded




Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort

has great news for you:




Bring a Friend

Share Your Passion

Get Certified as

PADI Open Water Diver

 cabo pulmo beach resort

The Second and Third courses pay only

U$ 207

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort has a special offer for you and your family or friends, to become a PADI diver in the ONLY PADI Dive Center and the ONLY PADI 5 Stars Resort in Cabo Pulmo.

If your party has 3 or more people willing to become a PADI Certified Diver, discover the incredible beauty of Cabo Pulmo´s Underwater world, and start your underwater adventure all over the world, this is the perfect deal for you.

Get the courses for the special price of 3 dives for the price of 2 (one course comes for free).

If your party only has 2 people willing to get certified, don´t worry, you have a special deal too. Get the second course for only HALF price.

This promotion is for a limited time and can´t be combined with other Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort Diving promotions or packages.

Course materials (PADI Manual, cost U$ 50) and Certification Fees (PADI PIC Card, U$ 20) are not included and need to be purchased by each student to get PADI certified.

PADI Open Water Diver Course Regular Price: U$ 415

Promotional price for 2nd and following students: U$ 207 each

The price includes all the diving gear during the course, Pool/confined Water training sessions, 4 training Open Water Dives, Instructors in Spanish, English, French and Italian, Theory portion of the course.


Diving Cabo Pulmo in August

rays cabo pulmo

When you come and dive in Cabo Pulmo, you expect to interact with its incredible underwater life, but when you find yourself swimming into millons of fish, you understand why Cabo Pulmo is so special.


The National park was established on June 6th 1995, and since then this area has beenschool of fish | cabo pulmo protected by the local community and the government. During this time the fish population has increased as much as 465%. Cabo Pulmo National park, became a model to follow by other natural protected areas worldwide.

Hosting the only living coral reef in the Sea of Cortez, and one of the few in the east Pacific ocean, Cabo Pulmo became one of the most important and beautiful dive sites of the world, with massive schools of fish, huge groupers, colorful tropical fish, sea lions, sharks, whale sharks and Mantas crossing through, gigantic schools of jumping mobula rays, and one of the most healthy coral reefs you will find worldwide. If you visit Baja California Sur, you can´t miss it. 

This short video was taken during one of our dives in August at El Vencedor Wreck Dive Site in Cabo Pulmo National Park.

Yellow tale snappers, Panamic Pork Fish, Ballon Fish, Grunts, Groupers and our special predator, made the dive unforgettable for our customers.

This "explosion of life" is the trade mark of Cabo Pulmo National Park and we are proud to take you diving with us in the well named "aquarium of the world" - Jacques Cousteau.

Visit Cabo Pulmo National Park with the only PADI 5 Stars Dive Resort and the Only PADI Dive Center in the area, and check our special offers in this blog. 



Cabo Pulmo´s underwater life


diving cabo pulmocabo pulmo reeffish cabo pulmo

Cabo Pulmo it´s been known for it´s rich underwater life, with the only living coral reef in the area and the fish population increasing almost 500% in the last years.

Of course, it´s a diver´s paradise when it comes to encounters with underwater life.

From August until end of November, we have warm and clear waters, perfect for diving and specially for Underwater Photography and Videography.

If you like to take great photos or videos during your dive trips, this is the right time to come.

Visibility around 60 to 100 ft, warm water and schools of fish movings all over the place, make this place the Wide Angle fanatics´ paradise.

If you don´t know how to dive, this is the perfect time of the year to come and take advantage of our Learn to Dive Packages.

If you are already Open Water Diver, you can take the next step with ur incredible Advanced Diving Packages with Nitrox or Digital Underwater Photographer specialty.

If you just want to come, dive and take great photos, we have a very special Dive, Stay and Eat package to offer 

cabo pulmo beach resort

Advanced Diving in Cabo Pulmo



  PADI Dive Nitrox

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort

has great news for you:







Get your Advanced certification in 3 days with 4 nights accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, Course Material, Certification and diving gear included plus NITROX diver Specialty with books and PIC Card for free, for only

 U$ 769

Come and take your PADI ADVANCED Open Water Diver Course at Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, the only PADI 5 stars Dive Resort in the area, and get your PADI Nitrox Diver specialty certification FOR FREE.



  • 4 nights at the ECO Bungalows at Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort
  • 3 Days of diving and training
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during the Diving Days
  • Welcome Cocktail and Dinner the arrival night
  • Goodbye breakfast and Free T-shirt after the last night
  • Full PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course
  • PADI Adventures in Diving manual
  • PADI PIC Card
  • Full PADI Enriched Air Diver Specialty Course
  • PADI EANX Diver Manual
  • PADI PIC Card
  • All the gear included during the course (Except Diving Light)
  • Small Groups
  • Pool training facility on site
  • Courses in English, French, Italian and Spanish.


All these for just 769 U$ per person (Based on Double Occupancy)

Extra night with one more diving day (2 tanks trip, Gear not included) only U$ 139

(Price does not include Taxes and Gratuities)


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