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Cabo Diving and Snorkeling

Cabo Pulmo National Park was protected in 1995 to safeguard the largest coral reef in the Gulf of California.  The area is home to an amazing reef system and is crucial to the feeding and breeding of an estimated 6000 species. The marine life increased an amazing 463% between 1999 and 2009.  

Cabo Pulmo is truly a spectacular experience and we invite you to come find out for yourself!  You will not be disappointed.

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Baja Mexico Adventures


Dive, Surf, Bike, Relax, Repeat

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort is the place to visit!

Dive Cabo

We offer something for anyone in your group.  Perhaps you want to some extraordinary diving on a lush and lively coral reef.  We have it!  Dive, Dive, Dive is the motto of our 5 Star Padi describe the imageDive Center!  Our most popular dives are close to the resort and are just a short boat trip from shore.  You will be impressed with the vibrance and beauty of Cabo Pulmo's National Marine Park that shelters the coral reef.  The Marine Park has been closed to fishing since 1995 and therefore the marine life is abundant.  It is nothing less than magical to dive through the vitality filled water! 


Surf Cabo 

baja california surfing, surf baja

The action above the water is also invigorating!  Cabo Pulmo boast some impressive surf sites.  We have four breaks in fairly close proximity to our resort.  El Rincon is the closest break and delivers big swells and is sheltered from the south winds.  Punta Perfecta break is to the south of Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort and has optimal Fall surfing conditions.  When it goes off, it is big and seriously fun!  Access and the tide are two factors to consider at Punta Perfecta, but if you hit it right you are guaranteed a good ride.

Bike Cabo

Mountain biking in Cabo will introduce you to the flourishing and diverse ecosystem of the Baja California desert.  While many think the desert is barren, you are sure to find it to be anything but desolate. The mountain bike trail (also used for hiking) goes up the tallest mountain in Cabo Pulmo.  The views are incredible!  When the humpback whales are around you can spot them breaching off shore.  No worries if you don't bring your bike, we rent bikes out at Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort!


Baja Get-Away

baja bungalows, baja bungalowJust need to relax?  How about some warm sunshine and cold drinks! Our beach bungalows were built with chillin in mind!  Your worries will float away in the ocean breeze as you sit on a deck overlooking the Sea of Cortez listening to the whispering palm trees.  We have a bungalow to fit any budget and all of them are clean and comfortable.

Ready for a Mexican get-away?  Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort invites you to enjoy all that Baja Mexico has to offer!

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Baja California Diving


Diving Baja California, Cabo Pulmo Style

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort is a PADI 5 Star Dive Center!  We are located in Cabo Pulmo, Baja California, Mexico and happen to be located right on a National Marine Park.  We have the best diving and snorkeling in Baja California Sur, Mexico.  


baja california cabo, baja cali diving, diving baja california 

Top 10 Reasons To Dive Cabo Pulmo, Baja California with Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort

  1. Giant Fish! And LOTS of them! 
  2. Dive Sites are close, only about a 10 minute boat ride.
  3. Cabo Pulmo, Mexico is a remote and quaint village!
  4. Dive groups are small with a 6 diver maximum.
  5. Dive a National Marine Park, no fishing, just diving & snorkeling!
  6. We are a 5 Star PADI Resort and Dive Center.
  7. We use Nitrox in our tanks (mixture of nitrogen and oxygen)
  8. We keep our equipment up-to-date and inspected at all times.
  9. We offer Baja Bungalow lodging at reasonable rates to fit any budget.
We invite you to come stay with us and find out first hand what an amazing place to dive Cabo Pulmo, Mexico really is!  
Contact us to get your dive vacation started!
diving course, baja california cabo diving

Snorkeling the Live Reef in The Sea of Cortez


Snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo offers unprecedented snorkeling on a live reef!  

The Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is the northern-most coral reef in the eastern Pacific and only one of three coral reefs on the west coast of North America.live reef in cabo

In the last decade since becoming a national park, the marine life in the reef has increased 460%.  This has fostered exceptional snorkeling conditions in Cabo Pulmo.

People from around the world have enjoyed the beauty and tranquility of the Sea of Cortez while snorkeling at Cabo Pulmo.  

We invite you to join us at the Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort and experience first hand the enchantment of snorkeling the live reef of Cabo Pulmo. Our snorkel tour is an adventure not to be missed!  Our experienced PADI instructors will take excellent care of you!

Never snorkeled before?  Don't worry, we are here for you!  Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort has the equipment for you, all you really need are a mask and a snorkel; fins are optional. Here are a few tipssnorkeling cabo live reef so you make the most of your excursion.


  • MASK- Adjust the straps to fit your head comfortably.  Make sure your hair is out of the way and put the mask onto your face.  Inhale gently through your nose to seal the mask to your face.  
  • SNORKEL- Adjust the snorkel strap to fit correctly on the mask strap.  Keep the snorkel upright while you swim face down in the water. Breathe normally through the snorkel.
  • Fins- Adjust fin straps to fit your foot.  It is easiest to put fins on just before entering water, they can be difficult to walk in! (If you must walk in fins, walking backwards is the easiest way)

It is important to remember that coral is very delicate and easily damage. Coral is also very sharp and can cut you.  While snorkeling it is best to avoid coming in contact with coral, to protect the coral and yourself! 

We hope to see you at the Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort soon!

snorkeling in cabo




Playing with Cabo Sea Lions


I love being in the warm waters of Cabo with Sea Lions!  

california sea lions

I find their gracefulness fascinating.  These mammals can weigh up to 850 pounds making them seem incredibly awkward on land with flippers as their only tool to "walk" with.  Although, once in the water, their awkwardness is washed away.  They are smooth, fluid and seemingly weightless.

I have been snorkeling and diving with sea lions for over 30 years.  They are intelligent, friendly and extremely curious.  Sea lions are not afraid to swim over you, under you or around you.  In fact, during one snorkeling trip a sea lion swam right up to me and peered into my eyes.  The sea lion was so close, I could have literally kissed him.

Their smooth fluid movements remind me of dragging a thin dish cloth slowly through water in smooth circular motions.  It is exhilarating to be with them, they give you an inside look at the underwater world. Sea lions are playful and quite social.

The pups nuzzle against the female sea lions like small children nuzzle against their mothers. When the male sea lion arrives the enthusiasm is palpable.  The pups and females bark and gather around the male.

Some people may not be immediately impressed by sea lions.  And above water, I understand why some would dismiss them. But, you must, experience them underwater.  They are beautiful!!


Cabo Pulmo Dive Report


Dive Report for the week of August 20thdive cabo

Right now til mid November is the season for great visibility and warm water diving and snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo.

After a few days of hard rain we had some trouble even getting out but now that the chocolate water is gone we are back having fun again.


Dirt Road

  • A grader is coming to smooth it out. Finally!


  • Jacks in Los Morros
  • Schools of porkfish
  • Lots o’ snappers and cabrillas - like usual 
  • Some turtles
  • Last week we ran into some 4-5 ft. white tip sharks on one of our dives around El Cantil
  • Last week there was a school of mobula rays, which is pretty weird because they usually come later in the season. Now they are gone 
  • 5 ft stingrays spotted in the sand


  • 40-50 feet visibility, which means there is a lot of food in the water.  At this time we are seeing the visibility increase, in a couple of days it should be very good 
  • We expect the visibility to be around 80 feet by next week

Air Temp 

  • 30 degrees Celsius ( 88 degrees Fahrenheit )

Water Temp 

  • 82 and very comfortable. No suits are needed. Shirts are comfy for the bcd’s on your back


  • There is a bit of a swell so launching can be tricky, but once out it's smooth sailing


  • Calm in the morning coming from the Northwest (unusual ) but soon we expect a wind from the West


  • A 3 mile per hour current from the North which allows us to burn a full tank of air from Los Morros to El Bajo

Great Diving ! Lots of Fish!

Inside Mex: (624) 14-10726
From USA : IP phone rings in Mex: (562) 366-0722

Cabo Pulmo Maps



Driving Directions to Cabo Pulmo from San Jose del Cabo (HWY 1)

Take HWY 1 east.  You will be on this road approx 1hr (from San Jose del Cabo) and 1:30 (from Cabo San Lucas). Enjoy the desert scenery until you come to a small town called Las Cuevas – you will see signs cabo riviera, cabo pulmo national park – GO RIGHT.  You will be on this road for 10-15mins.  You will pass the town of Santa Cruz (careful of the unmarked speed bumps) you will come to the town of LA RIBERA – You know you’re close when you see signs advertising cabo riviera.  When you come to LA Ribera – GO RIGHT (at LA RIBERA Monument) - This is the last turn you will take.  You are now on the road leading to Cabo Pulmo.  You will be on this road for 15-20mins until you reach the DIRT ROAD – from the dirt road you have 9kms to go.  Do not deviate from the dirt road or take any cut offs.  You will arrive in Cabo Pulmo in approx 15mins.  When you drop down into our village you will see a 2 story turqouise building on your left with signs that say DIVE CENTER, RECEPTION along with an enormous dive flag.

Cabo Pulmo is a Mexican National Park.  The map shows park bounderies, cabo dive and snorkel sites, areas to camp and kayaking limits.

The best time to visit Cabo Pulmo depends on what sort of activities you're interested in doing.  Cabo Pulmo Diving is good all year long with June having marginal conditions due to the climate and wind changes.  The best time to snorkel Cabo Pulmo is mid January to mid April;  Guaranteed to be the best snorkeling of your life.  The surf season officially begins in June, but usually surfers begin to show up around April.  Hiking and mountain biking are always happening.  There are miles of trails that zig-zag through the desert terrain.  if you're a bird-watcher this is also a great place to be.  There are over 300 species of birds that call Baja home.  


Whatever your interests you're sure to find a home away from home in Cabo Pulmo





Cabo Pulmo


Cabo Pulmo is a small community of about 100 residents, half of whom are Mexican Nationals and the other half American and Canadian "snowbirds" that have bought small lots and built themselves houses to escape their cold winters. 

Cabo pulmo mexico

The main attractions of Cabo Pulmo are its world class scuba diving and snorkeling sites. These sites include eight coral reef formations that stretch from the sandy shores to approxiamately a mile out into the sea.  Other noteworthy attractions include the village's tranquility, great local fare, quaint thatched roof bungalows, whale-watching, bird watching, miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, and of course, surfing!Cabo Pulmo diving

Cabo Pulmo was declared a National Park by the federal government 17 years ago. Since then the reef has shown a 463% increase in biomass (sea-life).  Entrance to the park requires a $5 per person fee, which is well worth it!  Kids six and under are not required to pay.

In the center of town sits Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, often referred to as the "Hub" of town. Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort consists of 18 bungalows, a diving and snorkel center, its own restaurant and an international staff to accommodate most cultural and language barriers.  

Cabo Pulmo Beach ResortThe bungalows range from Eco Bungalows, that sleep two or three, up to the Beach House, that can accommodate nine guests comfortably.  They have fully equipped kitchens, gas BBQ grills on the patio/deck, outside hammocks and some even have a 2nd story deck. 



 The Coral Reef Restaurant is located above the dive center and reception. It boasts local and international fare that includes tasty mexican dishes, delicious pastas, steak and potatoes and of course, FRESH FISH!

describe the image

Cabo Pulmo has a flare for all types, whether you just want to realx and have a lazy day or two, or if you seek the adventures of land and sea, or maybe a couple of days of each. Whatever you choose, it's your vacation and the folks in Cabo Pulmo are always quick to offer you advise on where to go, things to do and places to visit.  

At Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, guest won't be bothered by staff.  After check-in you are left alone to enjoy your bungalow.  Unless you request the service, no room service or cleaning staff will interrupt your stay.

You will notice that everyone waves to each other, whether they know you or not. Cabo Pulmo is a very welcoming town.

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort has a 60% repeat customer base, the diving and snorkeling are the main reasons people keep coming back.

Jacques Cousteau called this area, the Sea of Cortez, "The Aquarium of the World".  What more can be said? 

Sea of Cortez



Cabo Pulmo Snorkeling

Snorkel TourMy husband and I did the Cabo Pulmo Snorkeling Tour with the Cabo Pulmo Dive Center within the National Marine Park. They picked us up at Mykonos in San Jose Del Cabo, it was a little under 1 1/2 hours drive from there to the park. We were suited up with wet suits and inflatable life vests, and headed out in a panga with our guide and the driver. We say manta rays, two grey whales and a calf that was frolicking in the waves - an inbelievable sight! The sea lion colony was awesome!! They were so playful, and loved to swim circles around you and blow bubbles, they were hilarious. The coral was beautiful and plenty of tropical fish. At the end of snorkeling, we had a delcious lunch (included in the tour fee) and then the drive back to our resort. 
If I ever return to Cabo or San Jose del Cabo I would definitley take this tour again! The staff were very friendly and very knowledgable, not one bad thing about it!

Cabo Pulmo Diving


Cabo Pulmo Diving in the warm turquoise green waters of the Sea of Cortez, is one of the most beautiful places in the world to dive.

In Cabo Pulmo you get the total diving experience. Starting with the drive to Cabo Pulmo through the lush baja desert, then arriving to the friendly greetings from the local dive staff, followed by the unorthodox boat launching procedures and spectacular diving (that is virtually unparalled), ending with a delicious lunch at the Coral Reef Restaurant.

The operators at Cabo Pulmo Diving, dive every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with 10am & 2pm departures. Generally, the morning dives are more popular than the afternoon dives due to the fact that the winds tend to increase as the day goes by. But unlike the Caribbean or other parts of the world, this doesn‘t happen as often Cabo Pulmo. Whatever time is best for you, will work for Cabo Pulmo.  However, they do request that you arrive at the dive center 1 hour prior to departure for equipment disbursement and briefings.

Another option that has become quite popular, especially among those staying at the bungalows Cabo Pulmo Bungalowsat Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, or even locally, is the “Early Bird Dive”.  This is arranged upon request, and has become quite popular with those traveling with non-diving family members, spouses and groups. You’re back on shore by 9:30am, ready to start your day!

Cabo Pulmo Diving offer 2 dives per outing at 2 different dive sites (2 tank dive). The surface interval is made while motoring from one site to the next. The first dive lasts approximately 45 minutes, or “low on air” (750 psi), and your 2nd dive 40 minutes or “low on air” whichever comes first. Depending on depths, surface intervals will be 20 to 40 minutes

Cabo Pulmo diving is literally world class! Not to be compared to places like the Caribbean, it’s in a class all it’s own. There are more fish in Cabo Pulmo than you will ever see, anywhere, and I mean BIG FISH! Grouper, half the size of a volkswagon, swarms of pufferfish, guitar sharks, rays, moray eels, huge snapper, oysters, scallops, sun corals, and various hard corals and many other species indigenous only to the Sea of Cortez. There’s even a good chance of spotting bull and tiger sharks, orcas, dolphins and giant mantas.. Depending on the season, visibility can range from 20ft, up to 150+, with water temps ranging from the lower 70s to almost 90F. The diving here is not to be missed.

To arrange your cabo Pulmo diving adventure try one of the following:

1. Contact Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort directly by telephone or email. From MX (624) 141-0726 / US (562) 366-0722 / email info@cabopulmo.com.

2. Ask your hotel concierge or travel agency for information about Cabo Pulmo Diving.

Cabo Pulmo Diving

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