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Cabo Pulmo Managers Tie the Knot After Six Years


The managers at Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort finally get married.  After living and working together as managers of dive resorts, managing boutique hotels and travelling around Mexico Rick and Getse tie the Knot on the 4th of May, 2012.  They have been working together at Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort running Cabo Dive Center & Coral Reef Restaurant for nearly three years. Let's wish these two newlyweds a long and prosperous life and lifelong marraige.  having said all of that.  if you'd like to dive cabo, snorkel cabo or inquire about bungalow rentals, these are the 2 to talk to.  Feel free to give them a buzz at US: 562-366-0722 or MX: 624-141-0726 Ask for Rick or Getse and tell them you saw this post for 50% discount on your stay.

Cabo Pulmo Wedding

Cheap Vacation Travel Mexico 50% off Bungalows, Dive Cabo, Snorkel


Cabo Pulmo Village










Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort is offering their annual Stay & Play Vacation Special. During the months of May & June you will recieve 50% off of all of your stay & play activities.  Whether you enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, mountain biking or hiking, surfing or just reading a book and lounging the discount applies to all activities.  You will receive 50% off all of the following activities:

Bungalow Rentals / Diving & Snorkeling tours / PADI Scuba Diving Courses / Meals / Mountain Bike Rentals / Surf Board Rentals & Snorkel Equipment Rentals.

We do not inflate our prices and then offer a discount - The 50% discount is off of our regular advertised prices see www.cabopulmo.com

Give us a call or email us and mention this blog to receive your 50% off special.

Travel must be between the dates of May 1, 2012 and June 30th, 2012. (Reservations made before May 1, 2012 do not apply.) 

Keep in mind that this yearly special has become quite popular by those "in the know" so we tend to sell out quickly.  Availability is based on first come first serve - Payment must be made at time of booking to confirm the discounted rate.  CALL NOW TO RESERVE 

See you soon!

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort Team

US: 562-366-0722 MX: 624-141-0726

info@cabopulmo.com www.cabopulmo.com



Keep The Sea Of Cortez & Cabo Pulmo Alive



Cabo Pulmo Mexico is one of the best kept secrets in Baja Sur California lying along side the breath taking Sea Of Cortez.  Marine life in the Sea Of Cortez has increased by 463% since 1999.  Jaques Cousteau called The Sea Of Cortez "The Worlds Aquarium" a statement that is true to this day.  The Sea Of Cortez is an absolute wonder teaming with marine life that is seldom seen in the worlds ever increasing damaged waters.  We want to keep The Sea Of Cortez alive and well, we want to keep The Sea Of Cortez lush with marine life.  Read the attached article to see how you can help.



Families Learning To Dive In Cabo Pulmo Mexico


Families learn to Dive Cabo


Congratulations to the newest PADI Open Water Divers in the World.  These folks were a real pleasure to have here while diving Cabo Pulmo.  They really brightened up the week here.  We are getting a tremendous amount of families learning to dive Cabo Pulmo.  Fathers and daughters.  Brothers and sisters. Sometimes the whole family is here to dive cabo.  Did you know that you only have to be 10 years old to learn to dive?  The summer is coming and it's a great opportunity to get the family together for a new adventure.  Be sure to check out Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort's website www.cabopulmo.com and book your family vacation here in Cabo.  Now is the time to dive Cabo or snorkel Cabo, it's your choice.  We also offer Cabo rental bungalows that are fully self contained with refrigerators, stocked kitchens and can sleep 2 to 9 per bungalow.  Give us a call at MX: 624-141-0726 or from the USA: 562-366-0722 what are you waiting for?  The call is free!

Female PADI Diver Cabo Pulmo MexicoCabo Pulmo Diver

Resort Course Discover Scuba Diving in Cabo Pulmo

Resort Course CaboToday I taught a "Resort Course" to a new friend Remi.  Remi had never scuba dived before.  He and his gal Veronique came to dive Cabo Pulmo on their way from Los Cabos to La Paz.  Veronique was a certified PADI open water diver so she elected to embark on a certified divers boat (good choice).  After a thorough briefing, Remi & I jumped on a snorkel tour boat to head out and dive Cabo Pulmo's famous Sea Lion Colony.  As we motored out to sea our captain (Gato) spotted a school of Skipjacks (more or less an amber jack fish).  Not only a school but a bait ball of at least 3000 fish.  We donned snorkel gear and jumped in.  So many fish that you could almost swear you can smell them through the water.  It was incredible, to say the least. Next,  off to dive cabo pulmo's sea lion colony.  This time we were detoured by 4 different sightings of humpback whales, - mama's and calves.   Watching them dive when their tails come completey out of the ocean as a waterfall cascades of it can onlySkipjacks snorkel cabo be described as majestic.  Finally we made it to the sea lion colony.  We geared up, back rolled in and after a few surface skills we made our descent to approximately 15'...We found a platform to kneel, completed a few more skills and off we were descending to 40' for Remi's first time scuba diving.  The guy was having so much fun.  Even through the mask and regulator I could see that he was smiling and in awe. We spotted 2 turtles, 7 sea lions and 2 mantas...This was impressive even for me.  Now Remi & Veronique are on their way to La Paz where I'm sure they'll keep diving.
dive cabo

Snorkeling Cabo Pulmo



Snorkeling Cabo Pulmo

My husband and I did the Cabo Snorkeling Tour with Cabo Pulmo Dive Center at the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park.They picked us up at Mykonos in San Jose Del Cabo, it was a little under 1 1/2 hours drive from there to the park. We were suited up with wet suits and inflatable life vests, and headed out in a panga with our guide and the driver. We say manta rays, two grey whales and a calf that was frolicking in the waves - an inbelievable sight! The sea lion colony was awesome!! They were so playful, and loved to swim circles around you and blow bubbles, they were hilarious. The coral was beautiful and plenty of tropical fish. At the end of cabo snorkeling tour, we had a delcious lunch (included in the tour fee) and then the drive back to our resort. 
If I ever return to Cabo or San Jose del Cabo I would definitley take this tour again! The staff were very friendly and very knowledgable, not one bad thing about it!

Above is a lovely blog from one of our recent customers who took our cabo snorkel tour.  We here at Cabo Pulmo Dive Center not only arrange snorkel and dive tours for scheduled/reserved customers, but we also take walk-ins and provide day trips for those staying in Los Cabos.  Ask your hotel concierge or tour agent about snorkeling cabo pulmo, or call us MX:624-141-0726  USA: 562-366-0722.  Guarenteed to be one of the best snorkel tours you will ever experience.  Tell'em Rick sent ya!!!

Cabo Pulmo Dive Center Was the Place For Us - Trip Advisor

Cabo Pulmo Dive Center Was the Place For Us” Reviewed January 31, 2012 My husband and I were back in Cabo Pulmo, my favorite place in the world, for diving & snorkeling. We had received our advanced open water certificate with Rick in July, and wanted to come back to see the whales and sharks that migrate around the Baja during the winter. During our dive we saw schools of rays, white tipped shark, sea fans, and lots of parrot fish. Captain Memo knew exactly where to drop us, and pick us up. He is excellant at navigating around the reef. He also took us by to see where the tiger sharks are mating. It was thrilling to see the giant sharks cruise under our boat, but then we saw something even more spectacular! The tiger sharks had caught a pelican, and a feeding frenzy ensued.
Rays The Sea Of CortezThat was really cool! Since it was January, we had a couple of days that 
we couldn't dive because of the wind. However, Rick gave us great tips on where to go to get out of the wind and hang out. The snorkeling is unbelievable! We rented most of our gear from the Dive Center. The equipment was in perfect shape. Since the water temperature was so cold, I got to try out a 7 mm hoodie. It kept me nice and warm. Cabo Pulmo Dive Center has everything you need to dive. They even have a pool next to the center where you can get your certification. They have a number of talented instructors who can get you educated and in the water. I feel extremely confident recommending the Dive Center to anyone. We had most of our meals at the restaurantupstairs while we stayed in Cabo Pulmo. It is not the typical fair that one would expect to find in a small town. Along with tortilla soup (awesome!) and burritos, we had coconut shrimp, seafood pasta, pizza, and steak. They also had a nice wine selection in addition to beer and margaritas. And they are one of the few places in town who take credit cards! We had a great time in the evening hanging out in the restaurant/bar above the dive center, and getting to know the people who live and vacation in Cabo Pulmo. Visited January 2012

Snorkel & Dive Cabo Current Conditions for January

diving caboThe current snorkel & dive cabo conditions during the first part of January 2012 are absolutely amazing here at Cabo Pulmo.  Just yesterday one of our PADI Instructors came back from a Cabo Pulmo dive tour and said "we saw everything except for whale sharks today".  The dive customers returned wide eyed with big smiles claiming to have spotted 12 dolphins, 3 orcas, & 100s of mantas, and this was just during the surface interval.  Underwater, along with the usual suspects we spotted a white tip shark, turtles (not just one) and bat rays flying by unaffected by the divers.  People are starting to catch on that Cabo Pulmo is a relatively undiscovered paradise for diving, snorkeling, biking and hiking.  Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort is a "must visit" destination resort.  Our family atmosphere and friendly staff
are ready to welcome you and make your vacation experience one of the best experiences of your life.

December Diving Conditions as of DEC 9, 2011

I went for describe the imagea dive this morning to train and orientate one of our new PADI Instructors (Antonio).  It was his first dive here.  We made our descent into a school of grouper, golden grouper and saw 4 mammoth grouper (300-400lbs). The dive continued with huge pacific sting-rays, swarms of puffer fish, grunts by the 1000s, beautiful school of porkfish, trumpet fish (cornet fish), even a turtle.  After 40 mins or so we started our ascent to make a safety stop at 15ft for 3 mins when all of a sudden approximately 800 manta rays swam by lasting the whole safety stop.  I've been diving here for 2 years, and it never gets old, or seases to amaze me.  

Dive Report for Oct. 11th...Big Bulls in the Sea of Cortez Mexico


It was a private dive trip in Cabo Pulmo's national marine park with just the owners of Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, Maribel and I and our good friends from Sun Valley ID, Mike and Becky Brooks.  We went out to find the sharks that have been seen in the past outside of "The deep Reef".  We bought Pete too who is an instructor along to help. ( Park Regulations ).

BullShark046We dove down to 80 feet and then continued out to 95 feet in the sand.  Pete was telling us that there were sharks out there that we couldn't see just yet, then suddenly a big bull shark about 8-10 feet came in for a look at all the plastic bottle crunching going on. Before we knew it, more showed up (maybe 6 or more) then they were out of site.  One came up to me as I coasted into him, he met me head on as i kicked slightly toward him (he came extremely close within 5 feet!) they circled us for a while in about 40 feet of visibility. What a nice surprise, diving in Cabo Pulmo is incredible!  

Next dive site was called 'El Cantil".  We had quite a pleasant dive at about 50 feet.  85 degree water temp and abundance of large Dogtooth snappers weighing 4-50 pounds.   Large schools of bait fish and tons of Cabrilla too.   Life was super abundant all around us.  

Excellent dive today!!!


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