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Current Dive Conditions at Cabo Pulmo

Diving Cabo PulmoVisibility 100+feet.  Staff and guests reported a spotting of a 6ft white tip shark.  A couple from Germany swam with 1000s of schooling skipjacks and claimed to swim within 2ft of a goliath grouper (jewfish - 800lbs).  The water temp is still 87F at the surface and 86F at 20meters/60ft - AMAZING!!!  Cabo Pulmo is such a world class dive destination secret.  Take it from someone with 3000+ dives under their belt around the globe.  I've dived the blue hole of Belize, the walls of Roatan,Honduras, Cozumel, Mexico, kelp forests off the California coast, Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Little Corn Island Nicaragua, Bonaire, to name a few of my favorite dive destinations.  And no joke...Cabo Pulmo is equal to, if not better (in it's own unique way) to any of my listed fav's.  When I first arrived in Cabo Pulmo I was told that it is "world class diving" - I rolled my eyes.  Get real, I thought.  It's at the end of a desert peninsula where the pacific meets the sea of cortez.  Even after diving these waters for nearly two years I am still amazed.  It's so cool when I get to tell well travelled, seasoned divers who've never been here that their about to experience one of their top 5 dives EVER, and see them roll their eyes like "whatever dude, don't you know who I am and where I've been" and when they return from the excursion most all are quick to say "you're right!  This was one of my best dives EVER".  Inevitably, we see a lot of return divers.  Not only because the diving is so great, but due to the fact that it's such a bargain, world class vacation.  Especially if you're visiting from the states, Canada or Mexico.  My name is Rick.  If you've got any questions about Cabo Pulmo diving, and/or snorkeling conditions, or the best time of the year to visit, or what sealife you'll see...drop me a line...Better yet, blog me back!  Chat with you soon!

Diving Conditions Today OCT 9 at Cabo Pulmo

Golden GrouperIn spite of the recent weather reports in Baja Sur California, we made two dives this morning in the Sea of Cortez off of Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort with five divers. Conditions were absolutely gorgeous!  It was a little rough topside, but underwater was prestine.  100' visiblity / water temp at depth 87F / ZERO current - Great day for new and experienced divers alike.  First dive site Los Moros we saw 1000s of jureles (skipjacks), grouper the size of volkswagons, golden groupers, swarms of puffers and large moray eels.  During the surface interval we spotted turtles (nice surprise).  2nd dive at El Bajo we spotted 100s of red snappers, goat fish and stingrays, many juvenile fish of all species along with the usual suspects.

Marine Life Increases by 463% in Cabo Pulmo


So, I was reading this article the other day and was simply amazed by what it was saying about Cabo Pulmo.  It was talking about the fact that marine life has increased by 463%!!  Wow, 463%?? Really?!?   


I mean I have seen a huge increase myself on my diving expeditions (I took the above picture just the other day) I knew that there was an incredible increase in biomass, but didn’t truly grasp the extent of it. 

Just look at what the article I read in “Sign On San Diego News” had to say…

“Marine life at Cabo Pulmo National Park near the southern tip of Baja California increased by 463 percent between 1999 and 2009, according to a new study led by researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography”.

“Fish recovery at Cabo Pulmo National Park was so extensive that researchers said it looked like areas of the Pacific Ocean that have never been fished. — Octavio Aburto-Oropeza”

That’s just the beginning of the article, click here to read the rest of it.

I’m blogging about this because if any of you out there are divers or snorkelers now is the time to plan a trip to Cabo Pulmo. 

If you have even had a small thought about learning to dive, go down to Cabo Pulmo and do it now.  If snorkeling is the way you want to go, great!  We got ya covered, do it now, you will not regret it.  Diving and snorkeling just doesn’t get any better than this!

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