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Cabo Pulmo


Cabo Pulmo is a small community of about 100 residents, half of whom are Mexican Nationals and the other half American and Canadian "snowbirds" that have bought small lots and built themselves houses to escape their cold winters. 

Cabo pulmo mexico

The main attractions of Cabo Pulmo are its world class scuba diving and snorkeling sites. These sites include eight coral reef formations that stretch from the sandy shores to approxiamately a mile out into the sea.  Other noteworthy attractions include the village's tranquility, great local fare, quaint thatched roof bungalows, whale-watching, bird watching, miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, and of course, surfing!Cabo Pulmo diving

Cabo Pulmo was declared a National Park by the federal government 17 years ago. Since then the reef has shown a 463% increase in biomass (sea-life).  Entrance to the park requires a $5 per person fee, which is well worth it!  Kids six and under are not required to pay.

In the center of town sits Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, often referred to as the "Hub" of town. Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort consists of 18 bungalows, a diving and snorkel center, its own restaurant and an international staff to accommodate most cultural and language barriers.  

Cabo Pulmo Beach ResortThe bungalows range from Eco Bungalows, that sleep two or three, up to the Beach House, that can accommodate nine guests comfortably.  They have fully equipped kitchens, gas BBQ grills on the patio/deck, outside hammocks and some even have a 2nd story deck. 



 The Coral Reef Restaurant is located above the dive center and reception. It boasts local and international fare that includes tasty mexican dishes, delicious pastas, steak and potatoes and of course, FRESH FISH!

describe the image

Cabo Pulmo has a flare for all types, whether you just want to realx and have a lazy day or two, or if you seek the adventures of land and sea, or maybe a couple of days of each. Whatever you choose, it's your vacation and the folks in Cabo Pulmo are always quick to offer you advise on where to go, things to do and places to visit.  

At Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, guest won't be bothered by staff.  After check-in you are left alone to enjoy your bungalow.  Unless you request the service, no room service or cleaning staff will interrupt your stay.

You will notice that everyone waves to each other, whether they know you or not. Cabo Pulmo is a very welcoming town.

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort has a 60% repeat customer base, the diving and snorkeling are the main reasons people keep coming back.

Jacques Cousteau called this area, the Sea of Cortez, "The Aquarium of the World".  What more can be said? 

Sea of Cortez



Cabo Pulmo Snorkeling

Snorkel TourMy husband and I did the Cabo Pulmo Snorkeling Tour with the Cabo Pulmo Dive Center within the National Marine Park. They picked us up at Mykonos in San Jose Del Cabo, it was a little under 1 1/2 hours drive from there to the park. We were suited up with wet suits and inflatable life vests, and headed out in a panga with our guide and the driver. We say manta rays, two grey whales and a calf that was frolicking in the waves - an inbelievable sight! The sea lion colony was awesome!! They were so playful, and loved to swim circles around you and blow bubbles, they were hilarious. The coral was beautiful and plenty of tropical fish. At the end of snorkeling, we had a delcious lunch (included in the tour fee) and then the drive back to our resort. 
If I ever return to Cabo or San Jose del Cabo I would definitley take this tour again! The staff were very friendly and very knowledgable, not one bad thing about it!

Diving in Cabo Pulmo, Mexico is Spectacular!


Diving in Mexico has been enjoyed by millions of divers over the past few years.  Snorkeling Cabo Pulmo Mexico

Dive enthusiast from around the world have been travelling to Mexico with dive groups, dive clubs and dive buddies just to experience the warm, clear oceans off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and the island of Cozumel.  

These dive particular destinations have been visited so many times by the same divers that they seem to be losing their appeal.  Dive store owners and dive club operators are now searching to experience new dive destinations to keep their members and customers from jumping ship.  The challenge is how to find world class diving close to home, reasonably priced and exciting for all levels of divers.

There's a not so new dive destination here in Mexico that is just starting to catch on......... CABO PULMO! World class, reasonably priced exciting diving in Baja Mexico. 

It's a far cry from the concrete jungle of Cancun, or the cold water sink holes in Tulum that some call cenotes.  

Cabo Pulmo is a hidden treasure located just one hour from the Los Cabos Airport. A place that is home to 100 residents (1/2 of them Mexican. the other 1/2 Gringo), a dirt road runs thru it, as does the Baja 500.  There are 6 restaurants, no grocery stores, no gas stations, no power lines and no ATM machines.  Oddly enough, there are 5 well maintained tennis courts, miles & miles of bike and hike trails and some of the best food on the planet.  

But the coolest thing is the DIVING!!!  It's equal to or better than any other dive destination in Mexico.  It is in a class of diving all by itself.  

There are more fish, bigger fish, more schools of fish, bigger schools of fish, more species of fish, bigger species, whales, rays, mantas, moray eels (swimming in the open), sharks, dolphins, orcas, sea lions, nudibranchs, coral, I can go on and on....  So much bio mass that Jacques Cousteau called Cabo Pulmo "The Aquarium of the World".

If someone would have told me 10 years ago that Jacques had said that about a place so close to home, I would have been coming here every couple of months to do some diving!  And Cabo Pulmo does get a tremendous amount of business from people who do just that.

Dive Cabo Pulmo is an amazing deal.  Come for a long weekend, summer's almost here.   It's a great place for family diving, old friends to reunite, and a FUN place stay and play.

Cabo Pulmo is offering 50% off EVERYTHING during May & June.  It's worth the trip.  Cabo Pulmo is a vortex...If you go once, you will return again and again.

Make those plans now. 

Visit the website at www.cabopulmo.comreef fish in Cabo Pulmo Mexico


Cabo Snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez "The Aquarium of the World"


When you think of snorkeling do you think of Cabo snorkeling?  

Do places like Hawaii, Bahamas or Florida come to mind first?  

On my way to Cabo Pulmo for the first time, I was told by my driver that Cabo Pulmo (a small village about 1.5 hours east of Los Cabos) is one of the best diving and snorkeling destinations in the world.  Seriously...I literally rolled my eyes at the drivers comment.  Does he not know that I have been around the world snorkeling? Give me a break, I thought.

This guy can't possibly know where, "the best diving and snorkeling destinations in the world"  are.  As I laugh to myself, I am thinking that he must be trying to get me pumped up for the underwater tour I am about to embark on.  

As we wind down desert roads, passing small villages and towns I noticed how friendly this area of Mexico is.  How all of the residents are waving at us and smiling to us as we pass by.  (Isn't it funny how such a seemingly small gesture makes one feel warm and comforted?) 

Anyway, I am thinking I need to let this guy know that I've snorkeled in places like Bonaire, Belize, Honduras, various Caribbean Islands, Florida and even Australia.  Does he truly think I'm supposed to believe that Cabo snorkeling is equal to, or even better?  

What happened next, can be described as nothing short of magic.  If I could rewind the day, remove my condescending actions of rolling eyes, and self obsessed snickers.... I would.  

reef fish cabo pulmoFirst of all; Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort offers incredible, super cool Cabo Snorkeling Tours (for all levels of snorkelers).  I elected for the one that included a round trip ride to/from my hotel, with a great lunch of authentic Mexican food.

Next; after my fellow snorkelers and I were sized up for equipment and had a briefing regarding the course of events to come, our instructors took us to the first site of the Cabo snorkel tour called "mermaids beach".  

I was plesentaly surprised and quit frankly shocked at the amount of bright, glowing and healthy reef life.  All I could think was, "Huh, this is some darn good snorkeling."  

After 20 minutes or so, we headed to the 2nd leg of the snorkel tour appropriately named "Sea Lion Colony".  Wow!  OK.  Now we're talking, THIS; is a snorkel tour. The sea lions were so playful, that they actually swam right up to me at full speed, then stopped just out of reach to pose for a picture.  It seriously looked as if they had practiced this many times, like it was actually choreographed.   I took several photos at rapid speed, and had one of the photos enlarged and framed.  It was that incredible!  The photo still hangs on the family photo wall to this day.  

When our tour guide announced that we were about to move to our 3rd snorkel site, I couldn't help myself but think about my drivers comment.  "Cabo Pulmo is one of the best diving and snorkeling destinations in the world".

Bait Ball Cabo PulmoOur 3rd site was called "Skipjacks".  A vision to which can only be described as awe inspiring. The only way to truly help a reader grasp it's grandure, is to simply come out and say what it really is....Literally thousands upon thousands of fish swimming in a tight formation called a "bait ball".  

I have honestly never seen so many fish in all my life.  I don't know if the scope of this is can be grasped, but literally, I have never seen so many fish in all my life!  

The tour group gets back into the boat, everyone is mesmerized and very pleased with their snorkel trip.  If there was nothing more, I personally would leave Cabo Pulmo feeling pleased, fulfilled and extremely elated. 

But no, there is more to come.  While motoring between snorkeling sites, our captain screamed "whales 6 o'clock!"  We got so close to these awesome creatures, I could feel the ripple they sent through the sea as they moved!  As if that wasn't enough, the captain then says, "get your gear on quick, quick, quick"!!!  While we all scrambled to don our gear the captain (being an experienced and competent Captain) out flanked some Manta Rays and got us in their path about 200 yards ahead.  

Manta Rays Cabo PulmoWe were in the sea looking in the direction of the Manta Rays when out of what seems like nowhere came these majestic "Mobula Rays".  The rays dropped down below us just out of reach, where for about 7 minutes, a flock of them flew/swam right underneath us.  I didn't realized I was holding my breath until after they passed.  This, for me, was a life changing event. 

That's it, the driver nailed it!!  Cabo Pulmo is the BEST of the BEST snorkel tours I have ever taken!

Did you know that Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez "The Aquarium of the World"?  Well, he did, and for very good reason.  Coming from Jack that says a lot.  

I have heard the diving in Cabo Pulmo is even better.  Needless to say, my next vacation has already been booked.  The difference being that next time, I am going straight to Cabo Pulmo to stay for a week and get scuba certified.  I had a chance to check out the bungalows, they have fully stocked kitchens and outside BBQs. An on-sight restaurant, swimming pool, mountain bikes, surfing, and hiking trails, they even suggest bird-watching.  

Cabo Pulmo's website is www.caboulmo.com - One email to these guys and they get the ball rolling.  They are all very attentive and really care about your opinion.  My Cabo snorkeling experience was honestly nothing short of spectacular!  I have heard people say that the diving changes every 3 to 4 months due to the sea-life, water temps and visibility.  They say "this is what makes the Sea of Cortez so diverse".  

Cabo Snorkeling at Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, an experience not to be missed.


New Travel Advisory Safe to Travel Baja California Sur Mexico


Bureau of Consular Affairs. 

Mexico - February 08, 2012

Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort


We have all heard the horror stories of travelling to Mexico.  Carjackings, drugs, kidnappings, etc, etc...These warnings are greatly exaggerated and put in place by government officials that are discouraging travel outside of the United States.

Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  It depends on American and Canadian tourists to help sustain it's economy.  

I have lived and worked in Mexico for over 6 years.  I have a beautiful Mexican wife who has been here her whole life and we have never experienced any problems out of the ordinary. Of course you'll run into problems if you put yourself in a bad situation.  The key is to be smart.  Just remember all the things you were taught as a kid.  The Mexican Government is doing their best to combat criminal activity.  That said, there are places here in Mexico that I won't even visit.  But rest assured that areas like Baja California Sur (Los Cabos, Cabo Pulmo, La Paz, Loreto, Mulege, etc...) are very safe and secure.  The Army, Marines and local law enforcement, along with US law enforcement have really kept Baja Sur clean from drug traffickers.  

The below statement comes directly from the US Dept of State:

Baja California (South): Cabo San Lucas is a major city/travel destination in the Southern portion of Baja California - No advisory is in effect.

So what are you waiting for - Give us a call and get ready to dive cabo, surf cabo, snorkel cabo, mountain bike cabo, relax in cabo, hike cabo, bird watch cabo.

Check out our website www.cabopulmo.com and check our SPECIALS !!!

US: 562-366-0722 (the call is free)  MX: 624-141-0726

Tell 'em Rick sent you.  See you soon!


Cabo Pulmo Dive Center's Newest PADI Open Water Divers

Congratulations to our newest PADI Open Water Divers in the world.  These young students just received their dive certifications while diving in Cabo Pulmo.  What a fun group of youngsters!  They come to us from Aspen, Colorado travelling with their parents.  While their parents enjoyed hiking & biking in cabo, this group of high school kids & myself hung out for 2 days while completing their PADI open water training.  It ended up being just as fun for me as it was for them.  For me it was like being in high school again, doing back flips off the boat, taking our fins off underwater and having a running race all while introducing them to the underwater world.  Being that these guys have been coming back to Cabo Pulmo for more than 10 years, I'm sure I'll be seeing them again.  From left to right we have:  Willy, Colin, Jack, Arthur
Open water course caboDive course caboLearn to dive caboPADI Diving

Families Learning To Dive In Cabo Pulmo Mexico


Families learn to Dive Cabo


Congratulations to the newest PADI Open Water Divers in the World.  These folks were a real pleasure to have here while diving Cabo Pulmo.  They really brightened up the week here.  We are getting a tremendous amount of families learning to dive Cabo Pulmo.  Fathers and daughters.  Brothers and sisters. Sometimes the whole family is here to dive cabo.  Did you know that you only have to be 10 years old to learn to dive?  The summer is coming and it's a great opportunity to get the family together for a new adventure.  Be sure to check out Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort's website www.cabopulmo.com and book your family vacation here in Cabo.  Now is the time to dive Cabo or snorkel Cabo, it's your choice.  We also offer Cabo rental bungalows that are fully self contained with refrigerators, stocked kitchens and can sleep 2 to 9 per bungalow.  Give us a call at MX: 624-141-0726 or from the USA: 562-366-0722 what are you waiting for?  The call is free!

Female PADI Diver Cabo Pulmo MexicoCabo Pulmo Diver

Snorkeling Cabo Pulmo



Snorkeling Cabo Pulmo

My husband and I did the Cabo Snorkeling Tour with Cabo Pulmo Dive Center at the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park.They picked us up at Mykonos in San Jose Del Cabo, it was a little under 1 1/2 hours drive from there to the park. We were suited up with wet suits and inflatable life vests, and headed out in a panga with our guide and the driver. We say manta rays, two grey whales and a calf that was frolicking in the waves - an inbelievable sight! The sea lion colony was awesome!! They were so playful, and loved to swim circles around you and blow bubbles, they were hilarious. The coral was beautiful and plenty of tropical fish. At the end of cabo snorkeling tour, we had a delcious lunch (included in the tour fee) and then the drive back to our resort. 
If I ever return to Cabo or San Jose del Cabo I would definitley take this tour again! The staff were very friendly and very knowledgable, not one bad thing about it!

Above is a lovely blog from one of our recent customers who took our cabo snorkel tour.  We here at Cabo Pulmo Dive Center not only arrange snorkel and dive tours for scheduled/reserved customers, but we also take walk-ins and provide day trips for those staying in Los Cabos.  Ask your hotel concierge or tour agent about snorkeling cabo pulmo, or call us MX:624-141-0726  USA: 562-366-0722.  Guarenteed to be one of the best snorkel tours you will ever experience.  Tell'em Rick sent ya!!!

Cabo Pulmo Dive Center Was the Place For Us - Trip Advisor

Cabo Pulmo Dive Center Was the Place For Us” Reviewed January 31, 2012 My husband and I were back in Cabo Pulmo, my favorite place in the world, for diving & snorkeling. We had received our advanced open water certificate with Rick in July, and wanted to come back to see the whales and sharks that migrate around the Baja during the winter. During our dive we saw schools of rays, white tipped shark, sea fans, and lots of parrot fish. Captain Memo knew exactly where to drop us, and pick us up. He is excellant at navigating around the reef. He also took us by to see where the tiger sharks are mating. It was thrilling to see the giant sharks cruise under our boat, but then we saw something even more spectacular! The tiger sharks had caught a pelican, and a feeding frenzy ensued.
Rays The Sea Of CortezThat was really cool! Since it was January, we had a couple of days that 
we couldn't dive because of the wind. However, Rick gave us great tips on where to go to get out of the wind and hang out. The snorkeling is unbelievable! We rented most of our gear from the Dive Center. The equipment was in perfect shape. Since the water temperature was so cold, I got to try out a 7 mm hoodie. It kept me nice and warm. Cabo Pulmo Dive Center has everything you need to dive. They even have a pool next to the center where you can get your certification. They have a number of talented instructors who can get you educated and in the water. I feel extremely confident recommending the Dive Center to anyone. We had most of our meals at the restaurantupstairs while we stayed in Cabo Pulmo. It is not the typical fair that one would expect to find in a small town. Along with tortilla soup (awesome!) and burritos, we had coconut shrimp, seafood pasta, pizza, and steak. They also had a nice wine selection in addition to beer and margaritas. And they are one of the few places in town who take credit cards! We had a great time in the evening hanging out in the restaurant/bar above the dive center, and getting to know the people who live and vacation in Cabo Pulmo. Visited January 2012

Baja Bungalows


Baja Bungalows:


I can't tell you how often I am asked, "Are there Casitas or Bungalows to rent in Cabo Pulmo?"  Yes, there are, and they are beautiful!  bungalowThey are steps from the Cabo Pulmo beach, they are steps from the Coral Reef Restaurant and Cabo Pulmo Dive Center.    

The Bungalows are inexpensive; you can get a bright cheerful bungalow steps from the beach for a mear $69.00 per night.  cheerful bungalow

If you want to rent the beach house, it can be as inexpensive as $199.00, now thats amazing!   Literally this house is right on the beach!                      beach house cabo pulmo

Once you get to Cabo Pulmo you don't have to worry about a thing, we have nice places to stay, delicious food to eat, incredible diving and snorkeling, and surf spots that would knock your socks off.  The hiking and mountain biking is spectacular, and the beaches are one of a kind.Cabo Pulmo Beach

We can't wait to see you, give us a call we'll take care of the rest.


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