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Snorkel & Dive Cabo Current Conditions for January

diving caboThe current snorkel & dive cabo conditions during the first part of January 2012 are absolutely amazing here at Cabo Pulmo.  Just yesterday one of our PADI Instructors came back from a Cabo Pulmo dive tour and said "we saw everything except for whale sharks today".  The dive customers returned wide eyed with big smiles claiming to have spotted 12 dolphins, 3 orcas, & 100s of mantas, and this was just during the surface interval.  Underwater, along with the usual suspects we spotted a white tip shark, turtles (not just one) and bat rays flying by unaffected by the divers.  People are starting to catch on that Cabo Pulmo is a relatively undiscovered paradise for diving, snorkeling, biking and hiking.  Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort is a "must visit" destination resort.  Our family atmosphere and friendly staff
are ready to welcome you and make your vacation experience one of the best experiences of your life.

Mountain Biking And Hiking In Cabo Pulmo Mexico


cabo pulmo trail 6Cabo Pulmo is the vacation spot of your dreams.  Yes, you can dive there, snorkel, surf, and eat fabulous food to your hearts content!  But have you ever thought about mountain biking and hiking there? 

The trail system is wonderful, it has views of the desert and the Sea Of Cortez that you simply can't get anywhere else.  I say, "let the pictures on the mountain biking/ hiking page of Cabo Pulmo's website speak for themselves".  Go ahead and click on this link to view them  -Hiking/Mountain Biking 

You simply can not get a more relaxing scenic vacation anywhere else, Cabo Pulmo has my heart and always will.

Resort Cabo


Cabo Pulmo Rustic ResortCabo Pulmo is not a true resort that is measured by STARS but rather a loose little rustic getaway that is comfortable but off-the-grid. The people that enjoy Cabo Pulmo have a respect for the tranquility as well as the remoteness which gives many a chance to see life the way that "old Mexico" was. Without any hustle & bustle and constant bombardment of time share salesmen and trinket people, the guests that come to Cabo Pulmo truly unwind from their normal daily stress. So if you want to drink and dance till 2am- Cabo San lucas Life might be for you.

Cabo Pulmo VillageWe are a small rustic romantic getaway village of Palm-thatched bungalows that are located right in front of the National Marine Park of Cabo Pulmo just 60 miles up the Sea of Cortez on the gulf side. Most of the bungalows host a simple open floor plan modern in style but rustic in nature. Most casitas and bungalows offer a nice functional kitchen for cooking and some offer BBQ's and are Solar powered. We have Air Conditioning in 3 of our Deluxe Casitas for the warmer times of the year....mainly for the summer. Many guests choose to dine for lunch and dinner at the Coral Reef Restaurant just above the Dive Center. Our chefs really know how to keep you happy. The dinner entrées offered are nearly 5-Star but at the cost of less than $15 dollars.

horse infront of Cabo Pulmo SignsCabo Pulmo is a quiet village that has no salesmen or trinket sales on the beaches to bother you, no TV (except in the bar if requested), no daily maid service (unless requested), no paragliders or noisy jetskis either; it's against Park Rules. You can walk for miles on the beach and not see anyone at times. We generally have an unspoken curfew of 10:00pm when the Restaurant and the Bar closes.

We hope to see you here enjoying a real vacation where relaxation is the key!


Dive Cabo Blue Crew Customer Comments


Cabo Pulmo Dive Center“blue crew at the dive center rocks!”  this was my 7th trip in 9 years to cabo pulmo to dive Cabo, and i must say this crew is the best yet. rick harbeck, the manager of the dive center, and his crew were simply marvelous. i had to take a couple of advanced training courses in my two weeks there and the staff was always there when i needed them. they seem to be everywhere taking care of all the customers that come through the doors. i spent the first week with friends and the last week by myself. no matter. everyone at the center made me feel like family. even after diving hours. thanks to all the instructors, isaac, tamsyn, gocia, loren and the captains, my old friend memo, gato, and pancho. and thanks rick for making me feel at home.

Surfing, Stand Up Paddle, Body Surfing, Boogie Boarding & Beers


baja daysWhat a great day off we had!  Well, not really.  Work never really stops when you're working and living at a remote resort like ours.  Myself (Rick) and one of our PADI Instructors (Isaac), decided to take some time off to check out the surf conditions.  As we drove the coastal road we were elated to see that we still have waves in December!  They looked great.  We unstrapped our boards, suited up, and headed out!  Isaac, being the experienced surfer that he is, paddled his 6' 7" board past the breakers making it look easy.  I struggled with my 10' 6" paddle board.  The wind was coming off-shore and I was having difficulty paddle thru the surf and wind.  Needless to say after 25mins I was done.  I rode some whitewater back to shore, cracked an ice-cold Corona beer and watched as Isaac got barreled.  He came out with his hands raised high!!! After a few more attempts to get barreled he thru in the towel, rode a wave to shore and we toasted our beers.  Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort isn't just a place for diving and snorkeling. We have miles of hiking & biking trails, hidden surf spots (sssshhhhhh), rock climbing, bird-watching, or just plain relaxation - Not forgetting the delicious food at the Coral Reef Restaurantdescribe the image.  If you're interested in knowing more about us feel free to contact me directly rick@cabopulmo.com

Cabo Beaches


Cabo Pulmo Vacation Rentals Beautiful BeachIt's starting to get cold outside, I am watching the television and Matt Lauer from the Today show is leaving for his annual trip around the world they call "Where In The World Is Matt Lauer", can you hear the jingle in your head?  Anyway, I am thinking to myself, "oh, wouldn't it be great to get on a plane right now and visit the Cabo Pulmo beaches, where I can simply take a deep breath,  and stick my feet in the sand for a (ever so relaxing) natural pedicure".

Well, thats all great and everything, but lets get realistic, I have NO money!  Seriously, I have zip, zero, nada cash.  But aaarrrggg, don't I deserve it?  I have been working hard, my husband has been working hard, the kids have been working hard and are on schedule in their schools, we need a bit of a break to make it through the long winter, don't we?  Yes, I think we do! 

I went ahead and checked into plane tickets through http://www.expedia.com I found out that round trip tickets from my airport (Boise Idaho) to San Jose Del Cabo (which is the airport you fly into to get to Cabo Pulmo) are only $328.00!!!  Wow, now that's a screaming deal don't you think?!?

Eco BungalowOk, then what is it going to cost me to stay in Cabo Pulmo for about 10 days?  I can get an "eco bungalow" for as low as $79.00 per night!  Thats incredible for a bungalow that is literally steps from the beach (where I get to relax :-) I can bring some food with me (which I know I can get at the Costo in Cabo San Lucas) and I can eat inexpensively at the Coral Reef Restaurant (which is also just steps from my bungalow) The kids can snorkel, my husband and I can go for walks on the trails, we can all go for a dive (if I want to get my feet out of the sand) what a great trip!

Now that I know it is possible financially and that I will be headed to a place that is family friendly and safe, I'm gonna book those tickets!    



Dive Report for Oct. 11th...Big Bulls in the Sea of Cortez Mexico


It was a private dive trip in Cabo Pulmo's national marine park with just the owners of Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, Maribel and I and our good friends from Sun Valley ID, Mike and Becky Brooks.  We went out to find the sharks that have been seen in the past outside of "The deep Reef".  We bought Pete too who is an instructor along to help. ( Park Regulations ).

BullShark046We dove down to 80 feet and then continued out to 95 feet in the sand.  Pete was telling us that there were sharks out there that we couldn't see just yet, then suddenly a big bull shark about 8-10 feet came in for a look at all the plastic bottle crunching going on. Before we knew it, more showed up (maybe 6 or more) then they were out of site.  One came up to me as I coasted into him, he met me head on as i kicked slightly toward him (he came extremely close within 5 feet!) they circled us for a while in about 40 feet of visibility. What a nice surprise, diving in Cabo Pulmo is incredible!  

Next dive site was called 'El Cantil".  We had quite a pleasant dive at about 50 feet.  85 degree water temp and abundance of large Dogtooth snappers weighing 4-50 pounds.   Large schools of bait fish and tons of Cabrilla too.   Life was super abundant all around us.  

Excellent dive today!!!


Current Dive Conditions at Cabo Pulmo

Diving Cabo PulmoVisibility 100+feet.  Staff and guests reported a spotting of a 6ft white tip shark.  A couple from Germany swam with 1000s of schooling skipjacks and claimed to swim within 2ft of a goliath grouper (jewfish - 800lbs).  The water temp is still 87F at the surface and 86F at 20meters/60ft - AMAZING!!!  Cabo Pulmo is such a world class dive destination secret.  Take it from someone with 3000+ dives under their belt around the globe.  I've dived the blue hole of Belize, the walls of Roatan,Honduras, Cozumel, Mexico, kelp forests off the California coast, Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Little Corn Island Nicaragua, Bonaire, to name a few of my favorite dive destinations.  And no joke...Cabo Pulmo is equal to, if not better (in it's own unique way) to any of my listed fav's.  When I first arrived in Cabo Pulmo I was told that it is "world class diving" - I rolled my eyes.  Get real, I thought.  It's at the end of a desert peninsula where the pacific meets the sea of cortez.  Even after diving these waters for nearly two years I am still amazed.  It's so cool when I get to tell well travelled, seasoned divers who've never been here that their about to experience one of their top 5 dives EVER, and see them roll their eyes like "whatever dude, don't you know who I am and where I've been" and when they return from the excursion most all are quick to say "you're right!  This was one of my best dives EVER".  Inevitably, we see a lot of return divers.  Not only because the diving is so great, but due to the fact that it's such a bargain, world class vacation.  Especially if you're visiting from the states, Canada or Mexico.  My name is Rick.  If you've got any questions about Cabo Pulmo diving, and/or snorkeling conditions, or the best time of the year to visit, or what sealife you'll see...drop me a line...Better yet, blog me back!  Chat with you soon!

Snorkeling, Diving, Hiking, Mountain Biking, relaxing...Cabo Pulmo


vacation?Do you plan a vacation months in advance?  The kind of vacation where you spend days trying to figure out what art gallery you will be visiting on Monday, what museum you will go to on Tuesday, who you have to meet up with on Wednesday, how many dresses do you need to bring, how many pairs of slacks, is it going to be cold, is it going to be hot, do you need casual clothes, how much money should you bring, did you save enough, should you bring the babysitter???????  etc....etc....etc....

If this is you, I'm sorry because quite frankly I'm exhausted just thinking about it!!  I don't want to go on that vacation, it's more work than staying home!! 

relaxing on the beachI want to go on a vacation that is truly a vacation, one where I get to relax, watch the kids play in the sand, read a book, have a beer, snorkel if I feel like it, hike if I feel like it, maybe even throw in a dive or a surf trip.  I certainly don't want to feel like I HAVE to do anything I don't want to do.  I mean really, it's a vacation right? 

Picture this; you start your vacation out by sitting on your bed wondering which backpack to bring, you know you don't actually need luggage, you only need to pack a couple of bikini's, some trunks, flip flops, t-shirts, and maybe a sarong or two.  in fact, thats all the kids need as well, so they can easily pack and carry their own backpacks (thats enough to make me relax already).  You know when you arrive there will be nice beds to sleep in, good food and cold beers at the restaurant, and plenty of relax time.  Ok, so what more will you need..... Oh, a plane ticket and your off!! 

palm frondsVisiting Cabo Pulmo is like visiting a slow miracle.  Everyone there is relaxed, they smell of sunscreen, salt and hot sun, they walk slow and smile big.  The air is warm and clean, the palm fronds knock together softly in the wind and the sweet little tropical birds are singing a happy song.  Your heart immediately relaxes, your shoulders drop away from your ears, you smile, you are in Cabo Pulmo.


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