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Resort Course Discover Scuba Diving in Cabo Pulmo

Resort Course CaboToday I taught a "Resort Course" to a new friend Remi.  Remi had never scuba dived before.  He and his gal Veronique came to dive Cabo Pulmo on their way from Los Cabos to La Paz.  Veronique was a certified PADI open water diver so she elected to embark on a certified divers boat (good choice).  After a thorough briefing, Remi & I jumped on a snorkel tour boat to head out and dive Cabo Pulmo's famous Sea Lion Colony.  As we motored out to sea our captain (Gato) spotted a school of Skipjacks (more or less an amber jack fish).  Not only a school but a bait ball of at least 3000 fish.  We donned snorkel gear and jumped in.  So many fish that you could almost swear you can smell them through the water.  It was incredible, to say the least. Next,  off to dive cabo pulmo's sea lion colony.  This time we were detoured by 4 different sightings of humpback whales, - mama's and calves.   Watching them dive when their tails come completey out of the ocean as a waterfall cascades of it can onlySkipjacks snorkel cabo be described as majestic.  Finally we made it to the sea lion colony.  We geared up, back rolled in and after a few surface skills we made our descent to approximately 15'...We found a platform to kneel, completed a few more skills and off we were descending to 40' for Remi's first time scuba diving.  The guy was having so much fun.  Even through the mask and regulator I could see that he was smiling and in awe. We spotted 2 turtles, 7 sea lions and 2 mantas...This was impressive even for me.  Now Remi & Veronique are on their way to La Paz where I'm sure they'll keep diving.
dive cabo


The written description of the event is excellent! So exciting to hear about nature from a long distance.
Posted @ Tuesday, February 28, 2012 7:38 PM by Zellena Jay
Thanks Zellana - Glad you can get a taste of what we do here. Visits are permitted ya know!!
Posted @ Friday, March 02, 2012 6:47 PM by Rick Harbeck
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