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Cabo Snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez "The Aquarium of the World"


When you think of snorkeling do you think of Cabo snorkeling?  

Do places like Hawaii, Bahamas or Florida come to mind first?  

On my way to Cabo Pulmo for the first time, I was told by my driver that Cabo Pulmo (a small village about 1.5 hours east of Los Cabos) is one of the best diving and snorkeling destinations in the world.  Seriously...I literally rolled my eyes at the drivers comment.  Does he not know that I have been around the world snorkeling? Give me a break, I thought.

This guy can't possibly know where, "the best diving and snorkeling destinations in the world"  are.  As I laugh to myself, I am thinking that he must be trying to get me pumped up for the underwater tour I am about to embark on.  

As we wind down desert roads, passing small villages and towns I noticed how friendly this area of Mexico is.  How all of the residents are waving at us and smiling to us as we pass by.  (Isn't it funny how such a seemingly small gesture makes one feel warm and comforted?) 

Anyway, I am thinking I need to let this guy know that I've snorkeled in places like Bonaire, Belize, Honduras, various Caribbean Islands, Florida and even Australia.  Does he truly think I'm supposed to believe that Cabo snorkeling is equal to, or even better?  

What happened next, can be described as nothing short of magic.  If I could rewind the day, remove my condescending actions of rolling eyes, and self obsessed snickers.... I would.  

reef fish cabo pulmoFirst of all; Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort offers incredible, super cool Cabo Snorkeling Tours (for all levels of snorkelers).  I elected for the one that included a round trip ride to/from my hotel, with a great lunch of authentic Mexican food.

Next; after my fellow snorkelers and I were sized up for equipment and had a briefing regarding the course of events to come, our instructors took us to the first site of the Cabo snorkel tour called "mermaids beach".  

I was plesentaly surprised and quit frankly shocked at the amount of bright, glowing and healthy reef life.  All I could think was, "Huh, this is some darn good snorkeling."  

After 20 minutes or so, we headed to the 2nd leg of the snorkel tour appropriately named "Sea Lion Colony".  Wow!  OK.  Now we're talking, THIS; is a snorkel tour. The sea lions were so playful, that they actually swam right up to me at full speed, then stopped just out of reach to pose for a picture.  It seriously looked as if they had practiced this many times, like it was actually choreographed.   I took several photos at rapid speed, and had one of the photos enlarged and framed.  It was that incredible!  The photo still hangs on the family photo wall to this day.  

When our tour guide announced that we were about to move to our 3rd snorkel site, I couldn't help myself but think about my drivers comment.  "Cabo Pulmo is one of the best diving and snorkeling destinations in the world".

Bait Ball Cabo PulmoOur 3rd site was called "Skipjacks".  A vision to which can only be described as awe inspiring. The only way to truly help a reader grasp it's grandure, is to simply come out and say what it really is....Literally thousands upon thousands of fish swimming in a tight formation called a "bait ball".  

I have honestly never seen so many fish in all my life.  I don't know if the scope of this is can be grasped, but literally, I have never seen so many fish in all my life!  

The tour group gets back into the boat, everyone is mesmerized and very pleased with their snorkel trip.  If there was nothing more, I personally would leave Cabo Pulmo feeling pleased, fulfilled and extremely elated. 

But no, there is more to come.  While motoring between snorkeling sites, our captain screamed "whales 6 o'clock!"  We got so close to these awesome creatures, I could feel the ripple they sent through the sea as they moved!  As if that wasn't enough, the captain then says, "get your gear on quick, quick, quick"!!!  While we all scrambled to don our gear the captain (being an experienced and competent Captain) out flanked some Manta Rays and got us in their path about 200 yards ahead.  

Manta Rays Cabo PulmoWe were in the sea looking in the direction of the Manta Rays when out of what seems like nowhere came these majestic "Mobula Rays".  The rays dropped down below us just out of reach, where for about 7 minutes, a flock of them flew/swam right underneath us.  I didn't realized I was holding my breath until after they passed.  This, for me, was a life changing event. 

That's it, the driver nailed it!!  Cabo Pulmo is the BEST of the BEST snorkel tours I have ever taken!

Did you know that Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez "The Aquarium of the World"?  Well, he did, and for very good reason.  Coming from Jack that says a lot.  

I have heard the diving in Cabo Pulmo is even better.  Needless to say, my next vacation has already been booked.  The difference being that next time, I am going straight to Cabo Pulmo to stay for a week and get scuba certified.  I had a chance to check out the bungalows, they have fully stocked kitchens and outside BBQs. An on-sight restaurant, swimming pool, mountain bikes, surfing, and hiking trails, they even suggest bird-watching.  

Cabo Pulmo's website is www.caboulmo.com - One email to these guys and they get the ball rolling.  They are all very attentive and really care about your opinion.  My Cabo snorkeling experience was honestly nothing short of spectacular!  I have heard people say that the diving changes every 3 to 4 months due to the sea-life, water temps and visibility.  They say "this is what makes the Sea of Cortez so diverse".  

Cabo Snorkeling at Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, an experience not to be missed.



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