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Cabo Pulmo Diving


Cabo Pulmo Diving in the warm turquoise green waters of the Sea of Cortez, is one of the most beautiful places in the world to dive.

In Cabo Pulmo you get the total diving experience. Starting with the drive to Cabo Pulmo through the lush baja desert, then arriving to the friendly greetings from the local dive staff, followed by the unorthodox boat launching procedures and spectacular diving (that is virtually unparalled), ending with a delicious lunch at the Coral Reef Restaurant.

The operators at Cabo Pulmo Diving, dive every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with 10am & 2pm departures. Generally, the morning dives are more popular than the afternoon dives due to the fact that the winds tend to increase as the day goes by. But unlike the Caribbean or other parts of the world, this doesn‘t happen as often Cabo Pulmo. Whatever time is best for you, will work for Cabo Pulmo.  However, they do request that you arrive at the dive center 1 hour prior to departure for equipment disbursement and briefings.

Another option that has become quite popular, especially among those staying at the bungalows Cabo Pulmo Bungalowsat Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, or even locally, is the “Early Bird Dive”.  This is arranged upon request, and has become quite popular with those traveling with non-diving family members, spouses and groups. You’re back on shore by 9:30am, ready to start your day!

Cabo Pulmo Diving offer 2 dives per outing at 2 different dive sites (2 tank dive). The surface interval is made while motoring from one site to the next. The first dive lasts approximately 45 minutes, or “low on air” (750 psi), and your 2nd dive 40 minutes or “low on air” whichever comes first. Depending on depths, surface intervals will be 20 to 40 minutes

Cabo Pulmo diving is literally world class! Not to be compared to places like the Caribbean, it’s in a class all it’s own. There are more fish in Cabo Pulmo than you will ever see, anywhere, and I mean BIG FISH! Grouper, half the size of a volkswagon, swarms of pufferfish, guitar sharks, rays, moray eels, huge snapper, oysters, scallops, sun corals, and various hard corals and many other species indigenous only to the Sea of Cortez. There’s even a good chance of spotting bull and tiger sharks, orcas, dolphins and giant mantas.. Depending on the season, visibility can range from 20ft, up to 150+, with water temps ranging from the lower 70s to almost 90F. The diving here is not to be missed.

To arrange your cabo Pulmo diving adventure try one of the following:

1. Contact Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort directly by telephone or email. From MX (624) 141-0726 / US (562) 366-0722 / email info@cabopulmo.com.

2. Ask your hotel concierge or travel agency for information about Cabo Pulmo Diving.

Cabo Pulmo Diving


Which airport is the best to arrive at and how to transfer to cabo pulmo? I would be coming the latter part of Sept.
Posted @ Wednesday, August 29, 2012 11:22 PM by Darrell
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