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Cabo Pulmo Dive Report


Dive Report for the week of August 20thdive cabo

Right now til mid November is the season for great visibility and warm water diving and snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo.

After a few days of hard rain we had some trouble even getting out but now that the chocolate water is gone we are back having fun again.


Dirt Road

  • A grader is coming to smooth it out. Finally!


  • Jacks in Los Morros
  • Schools of porkfish
  • Lots o’ snappers and cabrillas - like usual 
  • Some turtles
  • Last week we ran into some 4-5 ft. white tip sharks on one of our dives around El Cantil
  • Last week there was a school of mobula rays, which is pretty weird because they usually come later in the season. Now they are gone 
  • 5 ft stingrays spotted in the sand


  • 40-50 feet visibility, which means there is a lot of food in the water.  At this time we are seeing the visibility increase, in a couple of days it should be very good 
  • We expect the visibility to be around 80 feet by next week

Air Temp 

  • 30 degrees Celsius ( 88 degrees Fahrenheit )

Water Temp 

  • 82 and very comfortable. No suits are needed. Shirts are comfy for the bcd’s on your back


  • There is a bit of a swell so launching can be tricky, but once out it's smooth sailing


  • Calm in the morning coming from the Northwest (unusual ) but soon we expect a wind from the West


  • A 3 mile per hour current from the North which allows us to burn a full tank of air from Los Morros to El Bajo

Great Diving ! Lots of Fish!

Inside Mex: (624) 14-10726
From USA : IP phone rings in Mex: (562) 366-0722


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