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Playing with Cabo Sea Lions


I love being in the warm waters of Cabo with Sea Lions!  

california sea lions

I find their gracefulness fascinating.  These mammals can weigh up to 850 pounds making them seem incredibly awkward on land with flippers as their only tool to "walk" with.  Although, once in the water, their awkwardness is washed away.  They are smooth, fluid and seemingly weightless.

I have been snorkeling and diving with sea lions for over 30 years.  They are intelligent, friendly and extremely curious.  Sea lions are not afraid to swim over you, under you or around you.  In fact, during one snorkeling trip a sea lion swam right up to me and peered into my eyes.  The sea lion was so close, I could have literally kissed him.

Their smooth fluid movements remind me of dragging a thin dish cloth slowly through water in smooth circular motions.  It is exhilarating to be with them, they give you an inside look at the underwater world. Sea lions are playful and quite social.

The pups nuzzle against the female sea lions like small children nuzzle against their mothers. When the male sea lion arrives the enthusiasm is palpable.  The pups and females bark and gather around the male.

Some people may not be immediately impressed by sea lions.  And above water, I understand why some would dismiss them. But, you must, experience them underwater.  They are beautiful!!



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