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Scuba Diving in Cabo Pulmo

All I want for Christmas is a two tank dive!  

about scuba diving


Are you ready for scuba diving in Cabo Pulmo?  

We could tell you of the wonders of the underwater world.  We could tell you of the brilliant colored fish we have encountered or the enormous prehistoric mammals we have swam with. We could try to explain the amazing formations and hue of the coral. We could go on and on about the serenity and peace one encounters while scuba diving.  But, truly, we could not convey the beauty of the world beneath the ocean waves.

We strongly recommend experiencing scuba diving for yourself.  It transports you to another world.  A world that many people have never imagined, let alone witnessed.  

At Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort we have a Padi 5 Star Dive Shop.  State of the art equipment and Nitrox will elevate your diving experience.  Our exceptional customer service and excellent dive instructors will turn your dreams of a diving vacation into a diving vacation reality.

Our dive shop not only knows all about scuba diving, but they can also set you up to go snorkeling.  If you decide you want to go further than just snorkeling, the dive shop can certify you as a Padi Open Water Diver.  We even offer an online course can complete at home so that when you visit us you can become certified in as little as two days.

We love introducing new and seasoned divers to the magnificence of the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park.  Cabo Pulmo boasts the best diving and snorkeling in Baja Mexico. The Marine Park is a protected coral reef where sea life is abundant and thriving.  It is home to an estimated 6000 species. Warm waters, sunny skies and sandy beaches simply add to the adventure.

At Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, we love scuba diving.  We love snorkeling.  We love sitting in the sun watching the ocean.  We love sand between our toes. We love a no-hassle, stress free vacation.  We love a good adventure.  We love meeting new people.  We love seeing old friends.  If any of these sound appealing to you, then we are just what you have been looking for.

Dive ShopWe would love you to visit our resort! 

Please take a look at our website for more diving, lodging and reservation information.

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We are thinking of vacationing in Cabo Pulmo this Fall, 2014. 
In addition to diving, is fishing available? 
Posted @ Friday, December 27, 2013 1:40 PM by Stan Howard
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