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Mexican Vacation - Diving, Hiking, Biking and Relaxing


mexican vacationWho is ready for a break? 

I know I am!  I want to feel the sun shining on my face while I dig my toes into damp cool sand and sip on a frosty drink.  Seriously, I am ready!

I love Cabo Pulmo.  I first went there in the 90's on a dive trip. The diving was great, and this was before Cabo Pulmo became a National Marine Park.  

'We are a Padi 5 Star Resort located in Cabo Pulmo, Baja California Sur, Mexico, directly in front of the national Marine Park. We have Baja's best diving and snorkeling with exceptional service to the customers." 

If you like to visit 'less traveled' places, then Cabo Pulmo is for you. It is definetly off the beaten path.  I prefer to be able to rest peacefully on the beach, with the sun on my face, my feet in the sand and hand around a frosty drink!  And having a place right on the beach, well that is just icing on the cake.

"Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort is a small rustic romantic getaway village of Palm-thatched bungalows that are located right in front of the National Marine Park of Cabo Pulmo just 60 miles up the Sea of Cortez on the gulf side. Most of the bungalows host a simple open floor plan modern in style but rustic in nature. Most casitas and bungalows offer a nice functional kitchen for cooking and some offer BBQ's and are Solar powered."

describe the imageA hike, a bike ride, oh to have the time to do the things I love!  Time to indulge myself is a vacation perk!  Cabo Pulm has some impressive hiking and biking trails.  You don't have to worry about bringing a bike, the Resort rents them.  Perfect way to spend a morning.  Or a sunset hike.  In my mind I am already doing it. Then I am going to the beach to feel the sun on my face, put my feet in the sand and sip a frosty drink. (It's a constant theme in my vacation dreams)

"If you want to get your heart pumping quickly, try the Cabo Pulmo mountain hike; it goes all the way to the top of the tallest mountain behind Cabo Pulmo. The views are incredible and in winter months when humpback whales are around, you can see them breaching off shore. To get to the mountain hike, walk the new road that's been built part way up the mountain. At the end of the road, climb the ridge to the top. There's really no "trail" but you can see where others have preceded. This hike is not for the out-of-shape or the faint-of-heart as parts of the upper reaches are steep." 

If you are ready for a break, give Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort a call!  We would love to see you. 

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