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Where is Cabo Pulmo?


We recently had an inquary of "How do I get to Cabo Pulmo?"

It made us realize that we should have some maps on our website.  And, we should write a blog with information on getting to world famous Cabo Pulmo Baja, Mexico!

Where is Los Cabos and Cabo Pulmo?

Cabo Pulmo is located on the Sea of Cortez at the south eastern tip of the Baja Peninsula in the State of Baja California Sur. Cabo Pulmo is approximately 1,000 miles south of San Diego, California, On the Tropic of Cancer at a latitude of 23.5 degrees. Cabo Pulmo is approximately 60 miles northeast of the Los Cabos International Airport.

What airportdo I fly into?

San Jose Del Cabo, airport code is SJD. 

cabo mexico

How do we get to Los Cabos?

Los Cabos is accessible by air from most major cities in the United States and Mexico. The flying time from Los Angeles and San Diego is approximately 2 hours. By land, Cabo is accessible via Highway 1, which runs the entire length of Baja California from the US border. 

Do you offer transportation to get to Cabo Pulmo?

The two most popular ways to get to Cabo Pulmo are with a rental car or with a private transportation service. Rental cars will run about $40 per day and give you greater flexibility to see the surrounding areas. A transportation van will cost about $160 each way and that doesn't matter if there is one person or 10 people in the van, it is a flat fee.

Can we hire a private transportation van?

Private transportation is available throughreservations@Transcabo.com . Rates for an entire van costs about $160 each way. For four people that translates to about $40 per person each way.

What if we want to rent a car?

From the airport, rental cars are readily available at the airport and rates begin at about $20 per day. Insurance is highly recommended. Rental cars provide the greatest flexibility if you are planning on exploring areas outside of Cabo Pulmo. But they may be more expensive after insurance and gas. 

los cabos

What are the directions to Cabo Pulmo?

There are two ways to get to Cabo Pulmo. From the airport (SJD) we recommend that you follow Highway 1 North, that way you will only encounter about 6 miles of dirt road. From Los Cabos Airport (SJD) travel North on Highway 1 past Caduano, Mira Flores, and Santiago turnoffs. Once you approach a small village called Las Cuevas you will find a right turn to La Ribera / Cabo Pulmo (if you cross a long bridge you went too far). Follow the road to La Ribera and turn right just prior to entering La Ribera. You will see the Cabo Pulmo turnoff. Follow the Cabo Pulmo road south until the pavement ends. Continue another 6 miles on the dirt road until you reach the village of Cabo Pulmo. Prior to Cabo Pulmo you will see some signs promoting Cabo Pulmo information, continue past this village, Cabo Pulmo is the next bay. You will know you are in Cabo Pulmo when you see Tito's restaurant, El Caballero restaurant, and the Cabo Pulmo Dive Center which is a two-story blue building.

Do we need a four-wheel drive to get to Cabo Pulmo?

No. Occasionally, following torrential rains and hurricanes the roads can get washed out and a truck or four-wheel drive would be helpful. This typically happens during the months of August and September, but can happen as early as July or as late as October. 


Come visit Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort.  We would love to see you!


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