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Take Me Away | A Cabo Pulmo Vacation Reality


This blog is for you mothers and fathers out there who feel your shoulders creeping up to your ears, who are experiencing neck pains and back pains due to the unrelenting stress of your every day lives.

How do you relieve this stress for a time?  How do you sit, breath and "re-boot" your body and brain?  It's simple - with a vacation.  No, not a vacation that requires you to schedule lunch dates, dinner dates, park time, play dates, and visits with every relative, friend, and acquaintance; NO!

You need a vacation that allows you to leisurely get out of bed whenever you feel like it.  A vacation that calls to your tired feet, asking them to sink into the warm, soft sand for hours.  A vacation that begs you to breath deeply and feel the warm, sun drenched air slowly seep into your calming lungs.  A vacation where your children are safe, where your worries can take a back seat to your enjoyment, where your time is truly yours.  A vacation that helps you find that rhythm of comfort and tranquility you so deserve.

You need a vacation in Cabo Pulmo.

Sure, you can dive, hike, mountain bike, snorkel, swim, explore or whatever. Yet, you can also sit, relax, breath and quite literally feel the muscles in your face relax with the heat of the sun.

Come visit us, you will not regret it.

cabo pulmo vacation


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