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Temperature In Cabo Pulmo Mexico

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diving cabo pulmo
Its getting hot out folks, but the temperature in the Sea Of Cortez is perfect!!  Come on down and visit us.  We have several air conditioned casitas, cold beers, diving gear, snorkel gear, and lots of time to lean back and chill out.
Did you know that, Cabo Pulmo boasts the only living reef in all The Sea Of Cortez!  Despite that Cabo Pulmo has managed to remain remote and keep it's waters pristine with a diverse selection of marine wildlife to enjoy.  
To quote John Steinbeck, "The complexity of the life pattern on Pulmo Reef was even greater than at Cabo San Lucas. Clinging to the coral, growing on it, burrowing into it, was a teeming fauna. Every piece of the soft material broken off, skittered and pulsed with life, little crabs and worms and snails. One small piece of coral might conceal 30 or 40 species, and the colors on the reef were electric.”
Lets not forget that Jacques Cousteau once called Cabo Pulmo - "The Aquarium of the World." 
The diving and snorkeling here are second to none, it's just amazing! Come on down and visit us, get out of the heat, jump into the water and begin to feel the calming sensation travel over your entire body.


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Posted @ Wednesday, October 23, 2013 8:24 AM by john gibson
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