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Diving with Jacks in Cabo Pulmo


Cabo Pulmo JacksCabo Pulmo National Marine Park, is known for its incredible sea life, colorful coral reef, and warm clear waters in the fall.  While sharks, Mantas, Mobula and Cow Nose Rays are eventual visitors. 

ALL of them are incredibly beautiful and breath taking, but to experience the Massive Schools of Jack is absolutely amazing.  It is not only memorable for our divers, but for our underwater photographers and videographers alike. 

Grunts and Snappers like to school in massivePampanos Cabo Pulmo numbers in several dive sites.  While Pacific Creoles, African Pampanos and Panamic Pork fish are seen in big schools at every dive site.  

The Diamond Stingrays tend to aggregate in the sandy areas during the season which gives the divers a chance for close interaction with these fantastic animals. 

cabo pulmo divingDo you remember that beautiful photo in National Geographic? The one with the incredible view of schooling fishes? Well, thats happening again - right now.  Jacks are starting to meet in big numbers over the divesites. When we say "Big Numbers" we truly mean it! Thousands of big silver Jacks converging in one place, is a site no single photographer or videographer should ever miss!

Dive communities all over the world have become accustom to this magnificent spectical that is Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park.

As of late, while walking around Cabo Pulmo, we see people carrying big expensive cameras getting ready to experience a dive like no other, a dive that will quite literally, knock their socks off.  

Armed with wide and super wide angle lenses, they begin feverishly documenting this astounding dive destination. While schools of Jack are seemingly waiting for the divers to play, and strobes to shoot. 

diving in mexico

 "This little place in the Sea of Cortez is unspoiled.  They call it - "The Aquarium of the World", and it definitely is."

If you ever see a group of professional photographers and videographers making their way into a boat, to go diving in a particular place, you should strongly consider researching that place.  Because, rest assured, there is something special about that place. Cabo Pulmo is that special place.

diving cabo pulmo mexico

Don't let another day slip through your fingers. Give us a call and jump on a plane.  We'll take care of the rest. 

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Saw schools like this when snorkeling at Cabo Pulmo last year - in addition to having a 25' whale shark about 6" under moi when coming back to the boat. :)
Posted @ Monday, November 04, 2013 1:58 AM by Tom Schiff
So when is the best time to come to cabo pulmo as a underwater photographer ?
Posted @ Sunday, February 02, 2014 2:34 AM by Willie
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