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Mobula Rays in Cabo Pulmo


During the winter season, a strange sound resonates across Cabo Pulmo Bay. It looks like boiling water and sounds like someone is cooking popcorn on an industrial scale.

Thousands of mobula rays congregate in the bay every year. They can be seen leaping from the water, sometimes five to ten at a time, reaching a height of three meters or more above the water, before returning to earth with a loud splash.

mobula rays cabo pulmo

Why they do it, no one really knows.

Some people say they do it to escape from predators, others believe they do it to remove parasites; another group thinks it’s a meeting ritual.

We don’t really know, and we prefer to believe that they like to take a look of the outer space, as we like to go underwater to check them out.  

Which ever is the reason is an unforgettable spectacle that only the Sea of Cortes can give.

Little is known about the Mobula rays, how long they live, at what age can they reproduce, etc.. But one thing we know: it’s one of the most spectacular shows that nature can perform.

These rays live in the open ocean, swimming continuously through the water column instead of resting on the sea floor like other rays.

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Like whale sharks, these rays are filter feeders that primarily eat microscopic plankton and krill, with the occasional small fish.

Cabo Pulmo, has the privilege to see them every year in the winter season schooling and jumping all over the sea.

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Thanks Juan. Next time going out down there - can hopefully add this sighting to the one of the 25 foot whale shark who was right below me - literally two feet - when I was snorkeling and climbing back into the boat. :) 
Tom in San Diego
Posted @ Tuesday, February 18, 2014 6:31 AM by Tom Schiff
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