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Snorkeling, Diving, Hiking, Mountain Biking, relaxing...Cabo Pulmo


vacation?Do you plan a vacation months in advance?  The kind of vacation where you spend days trying to figure out what art gallery you will be visiting on Monday, what museum you will go to on Tuesday, who you have to meet up with on Wednesday, how many dresses do you need to bring, how many pairs of slacks, is it going to be cold, is it going to be hot, do you need casual clothes, how much money should you bring, did you save enough, should you bring the babysitter???????  etc....etc....etc....

If this is you, I'm sorry because quite frankly I'm exhausted just thinking about it!!  I don't want to go on that vacation, it's more work than staying home!! 

relaxing on the beachI want to go on a vacation that is truly a vacation, one where I get to relax, watch the kids play in the sand, read a book, have a beer, snorkel if I feel like it, hike if I feel like it, maybe even throw in a dive or a surf trip.  I certainly don't want to feel like I HAVE to do anything I don't want to do.  I mean really, it's a vacation right? 

Picture this; you start your vacation out by sitting on your bed wondering which backpack to bring, you know you don't actually need luggage, you only need to pack a couple of bikini's, some trunks, flip flops, t-shirts, and maybe a sarong or two.  in fact, thats all the kids need as well, so they can easily pack and carry their own backpacks (thats enough to make me relax already).  You know when you arrive there will be nice beds to sleep in, good food and cold beers at the restaurant, and plenty of relax time.  Ok, so what more will you need..... Oh, a plane ticket and your off!! 

palm frondsVisiting Cabo Pulmo is like visiting a slow miracle.  Everyone there is relaxed, they smell of sunscreen, salt and hot sun, they walk slow and smile big.  The air is warm and clean, the palm fronds knock together softly in the wind and the sweet little tropical birds are singing a happy song.  Your heart immediately relaxes, your shoulders drop away from your ears, you smile, you are in Cabo Pulmo.




I live in cabo pulmo year round. I like your post. It's kinda sums it up. I watch vacationers come and go. Most of the tourists in cabo pulmo are day visitors from Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo. They all comment on how they wish they'd known Cabo Pulmo even existed. ALmost daily I hear complaints about Cabo San Lucas. Its too crowded, bars and restaurants are too expensive, to noisy, to much traffic, blah, blah, blah...Once they see that there still is a slice of true paradise just an hour from Los Cabos Airport, you can see the disappointment in their faces when they have to return to their 800 room resort, where they can't swim in the ocean - too treacherous, beers are 5 bucks each and cocktails are $10. Some even opt to stay the night here in Cabo Pulmo at one of the small beach resorts that offer bungalows. There's a reason why a lot of us expats choose to live here. For me we're far enough away from the city life that we can see stars on the horizon, get a meal in a restaurant for a reasonable price, hang with friends at the local watering hole and drink $2 beers. We get to surf uncrowded breaks, don't have to lock our doors (EVER), no taxis, discos, spring breakers. no drugs or theft, it's a great place. And we're still close enough to the big city to have all the comforts of home. Thanks for your post. Really enjoyed it.
Posted @ Friday, October 28, 2011 11:02 PM by Right Hand
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