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Current Dive Conditions at Cabo Pulmo

Diving Cabo PulmoVisibility 100+feet.  Staff and guests reported a spotting of a 6ft white tip shark.  A couple from Germany swam with 1000s of schooling skipjacks and claimed to swim within 2ft of a goliath grouper (jewfish - 800lbs).  The water temp is still 87F at the surface and 86F at 20meters/60ft - AMAZING!!!  Cabo Pulmo is such a world class dive destination secret.  Take it from someone with 3000+ dives under their belt around the globe.  I've dived the blue hole of Belize, the walls of Roatan,Honduras, Cozumel, Mexico, kelp forests off the California coast, Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Little Corn Island Nicaragua, Bonaire, to name a few of my favorite dive destinations.  And no joke...Cabo Pulmo is equal to, if not better (in it's own unique way) to any of my listed fav's.  When I first arrived in Cabo Pulmo I was told that it is "world class diving" - I rolled my eyes.  Get real, I thought.  It's at the end of a desert peninsula where the pacific meets the sea of cortez.  Even after diving these waters for nearly two years I am still amazed.  It's so cool when I get to tell well travelled, seasoned divers who've never been here that their about to experience one of their top 5 dives EVER, and see them roll their eyes like "whatever dude, don't you know who I am and where I've been" and when they return from the excursion most all are quick to say "you're right!  This was one of my best dives EVER".  Inevitably, we see a lot of return divers.  Not only because the diving is so great, but due to the fact that it's such a bargain, world class vacation.  Especially if you're visiting from the states, Canada or Mexico.  My name is Rick.  If you've got any questions about Cabo Pulmo diving, and/or snorkeling conditions, or the best time of the year to visit, or what sealife you'll see...drop me a line...Better yet, blog me back!  Chat with you soon!


Snorkeling with Cabo Pulmo Dive was highlite of our trip last Spring. We will be back in the area mid December, wondering what we can expect for water/weather conditions, and what type of sealife will be visible ... we caught the end of whale season last Spring which was great.
Posted @ Saturday, November 19, 2011 9:47 AM by Denise
Hi Denise! Glad to hear that snorkeling here in Cabo Pulmo was a highlite of your vacation. We aim to make your experience here one of the most memorable of a lifetime. In regards to December you can expect water temps to be around 76 to 78F -Surface temps 80s...Makes for perfect weather. Believe it or not, we have already spotted 8 humpbacks this year. This means the season may be starting sooner than January. We hope to see you soon, and thanks for the kudos! 
Posted @ Sunday, November 20, 2011 8:25 AM by Rick
This was a tremendous "HOOT", long over due but finally the opportunity to get it done. Special Thanks to Cole and Marabel Barrymore, Rick the manager of the Dive Center and his fantastic PADI diving instructors! Cabo Pulmo Resort and dive operations, highly recommended. Go Visit!
Posted @ Sunday, November 20, 2011 8:53 AM by scotty
Thanks for the good news! You will definitely be seeing us mid-December. We will call to make arrangements once we are in the area. Looking fwd to going out with you again.
Posted @ Sunday, November 20, 2011 12:19 PM by Denise
We're looking at a trip for our family to Cabo Pulmo the second-to-last week of February. We love snorkeling, but I'm worried the winds will be too strong for good snorkeling conditions that time of year (I understand many windsurfers head to the area that time of year.) Can you tell me what we could expect in the way of conditions and temps? 
Lynn in Seattle
Posted @ Tuesday, January 03, 2012 4:19 PM by Lynn
@Lynn, we were there just ahead of Christmas, also a windy time of the year. We had a nice snorkel trip. You can check iwindsurf.com for wind conditions, they are pretty accurate.  
During a trip the end of March last year and saw lots of whales on a snorkel trip there, including a mom and baby. You'll probably get to see whales the end of February, we didn't see any in December although they had spotted some earlier.
Posted @ Saturday, January 07, 2012 10:20 AM by Denise
I have been wanting to snorkel Cabo Pulmo since I first read about it a few years back. I am finally getting a chance the first few days of April. Any idea what kind of water temperatures will exist a month from now? Is that a windy time of year? Whales?
Posted @ Friday, March 02, 2012 7:51 AM by beth
@Beth - April is still a good time for snorkeling. Though the whales and mantas are starting to head out, there is still an excellent chance of spotting them, and even snorkeling with them. During our snorkel trip you will visit 3 different sites, swim with sea lions, snorkel amidst 1000s of skipjacks and if we spot whales and/or mantas we divert the tour for photo ops. The wind during April is a little unpredictable. That said we do have alternative snorkel sites that are protected from north winds. Hope to see you soon - Feel free to email us at info@cabopulmo.com to make a reservation.
Posted @ Friday, March 02, 2012 6:55 PM by Rick
We will be in Cabo San Lucas end of May. Is that a good time to dive Cabo Pulmo?
Posted @ Tuesday, April 02, 2013 3:52 PM by Bob
Hi there 
I would like to know if January would be a good time to expend in Cabo Pulmo. Or when would be the best time to watch wale sharks and wales? 
Thanks for your kind reply 
Best Regards 
Javier Zavala
Posted @ Friday, October 04, 2013 10:49 AM by Javier
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