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Dive Report for Oct. 11th...Big Bulls in the Sea of Cortez Mexico


It was a private dive trip in Cabo Pulmo's national marine park with just the owners of Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, Maribel and I and our good friends from Sun Valley ID, Mike and Becky Brooks.  We went out to find the sharks that have been seen in the past outside of "The deep Reef".  We bought Pete too who is an instructor along to help. ( Park Regulations ).

BullShark046We dove down to 80 feet and then continued out to 95 feet in the sand.  Pete was telling us that there were sharks out there that we couldn't see just yet, then suddenly a big bull shark about 8-10 feet came in for a look at all the plastic bottle crunching going on. Before we knew it, more showed up (maybe 6 or more) then they were out of site.  One came up to me as I coasted into him, he met me head on as i kicked slightly toward him (he came extremely close within 5 feet!) they circled us for a while in about 40 feet of visibility. What a nice surprise, diving in Cabo Pulmo is incredible!  

Next dive site was called 'El Cantil".  We had quite a pleasant dive at about 50 feet.  85 degree water temp and abundance of large Dogtooth snappers weighing 4-50 pounds.   Large schools of bait fish and tons of Cabrilla too.   Life was super abundant all around us.  

Excellent dive today!!!



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