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Cabo Pulmo Vacation Rentals Beautiful BeachIt's starting to get cold outside, I am watching the television and Matt Lauer from the Today show is leaving for his annual trip around the world they call "Where In The World Is Matt Lauer", can you hear the jingle in your head?  Anyway, I am thinking to myself, "oh, wouldn't it be great to get on a plane right now and visit the Cabo Pulmo beaches, where I can simply take a deep breath,  and stick my feet in the sand for a (ever so relaxing) natural pedicure".

Well, thats all great and everything, but lets get realistic, I have NO money!  Seriously, I have zip, zero, nada cash.  But aaarrrggg, don't I deserve it?  I have been working hard, my husband has been working hard, the kids have been working hard and are on schedule in their schools, we need a bit of a break to make it through the long winter, don't we?  Yes, I think we do! 

I went ahead and checked into plane tickets through http://www.expedia.com I found out that round trip tickets from my airport (Boise Idaho) to San Jose Del Cabo (which is the airport you fly into to get to Cabo Pulmo) are only $328.00!!!  Wow, now that's a screaming deal don't you think?!?

Eco BungalowOk, then what is it going to cost me to stay in Cabo Pulmo for about 10 days?  I can get an "eco bungalow" for as low as $79.00 per night!  Thats incredible for a bungalow that is literally steps from the beach (where I get to relax :-) I can bring some food with me (which I know I can get at the Costo in Cabo San Lucas) and I can eat inexpensively at the Coral Reef Restaurant (which is also just steps from my bungalow) The kids can snorkel, my husband and I can go for walks on the trails, we can all go for a dive (if I want to get my feet out of the sand) what a great trip!

Now that I know it is possible financially and that I will be headed to a place that is family friendly and safe, I'm gonna book those tickets!    




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