Deluxe Bungalows

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Deluxe Bungalows:

We offer three Deluxe Bungalows that are approximately 400 sq. feet, with nice small kitchens, living rooms, 1 indoor bathroom, 1 queen size bed, & 2 single beds. They also have nice shaded patios, with a hammock. A BBQ available upon request.

Low season with A/C $109 +tax

High season  with A/C $129 +tax

Deluxe Bungalows:

We offer two Deluxe Bungalows that are also approximately 400 sq. feet, have a nice small kitchen, living room, 1 indoor bathroom, 1 queen size bed, 1 single bed.  They also have nice shaded patio. BBQ available.

Low season $89 + tax

High season $109 + tax

Due to demand; we offer different prices for both 'low' and 'high' seasons...................

High Season

March 1st - July 31st

October 1st - Dececember 1st

December 16th - Jananuary 5th

Low Season

January 5th - February 29th

August 1st - September 30th

December 1st - December 15th


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