Best Cabo Pulmo National Park Video Ever

We are proud to present the new Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort video, and invite you to come visit us for the best underwater experience of your life in Cabo Pulmo.

A few days ago we released our new institutional video promoting Cabo Pulmo as the great diving destination that it is, and Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort as the only PADI dive center and PADI 5 Star Resort in the area.

This 5 minute video is NOT just another video of Cabo Pulmo – NOT AT ALL! This video was designed to show the magnificence of life in Cabo Pulmo and how Cabo Pulmo is truly a very special place.  

Our Resort (Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort) does nothing but add professionalism, safety and incredible service so you have the best experience in Cabo Pulmo you possibly can.

You will see in this video that Cabo Pulmo National Park offers a unique underwater environment full of healthy corals, endless schools of fishes, rays, turtles, whales, sharkes, sea lions, and pristine waters in the season.

This video was done in 3 days of consecutive underwater shooting back in September.  Some final shots were done back in November in one diving day.  So this incredible 5 minutes of underwater shooting compresses 4 days of diving in Cabo Pulmo National Park with Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort. 

Erick Higuera was our videographer and final editor of this video.  This was by no means a casual endeavor. When we decided to make this short video, we imagined it through Erick’s eyes. We know the passion he feels for his job, and knew we would love the video he would create.  We simply couldn’t imagine a better way to show Cabo Pulmo’s underwater beauty than through Erick’s eyes.

So, as I said before, this is not just another video of Cabo Pulmo.  This is a film testimony that when things are done right, life takes over again.  We just need to protect our oceans in the same way we’ve been protecting our little paradise here in Cabo Pulmo National Park, and we will eventually have healthy corals and sea life everywhere.

In the mean time, Cabo Pulmo is an open window to see how oceans were in the past, and how they can recover.  Cabo Pulmo’s beauty and abundance of life could be our future if we decide to take action and protect our oceans. 

In our video, you have the opportunity to view incredible schools of Bigeye Trevallis, Panamic Pork Fish, Burrito Grunts, Graybar Grunts, Pacific Dog Snappers, Amarillo Snappers, Leopard Groupers, Gulf Groupers, Diamond Stingrays, Bat Rays, Guineanfoul Puffer Fish, Surgeon Fishes, Tiger Groupers, Parrot Fish and Sea Turtles. 

These 5 minutes say more than a million words possibly can. We are proud to present the new Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort video, and invite you to come and visit us so you can have the best underwater experience of your life in Cabo Pulmo.

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