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To graduate each and every Go Pro Candidate with the highest level of skills and knowledge so they are able to join the Professional Scuba community as a safe and well rounded PADI Profressional

So you are considering taking the steps to become a professional scuba diver?

Consider this: spending most of your time under the ocean and the rest of it under the sun, being able to wear shorts, short sleeve shirt and sandals to work, meet interesting people from around the world and most importantly, doing a job that you love!

There is a plethora of animals and plants in the undersea world. To even begin to describe the beauty is like trying to describe a whole new world, with exotic beings that look like they may be from another planet.

Everything underwater appears to be in slow motion. You are immediately relaxed in this new atmosphere called "Innerspace." The Earth's oceans cover three-fourths of its surface. The infinite number of creatures will amaze you. The awesome beauty of the sea is powerful enough to make you stop in your tracks as you stare at the elegance of these beings. Scuba diving is the ultimate way to observe these creatures up close and personal.

This is why individuals like you want to become a dive professional and show this awesome beauty to everybody, and here at Baja Diving Academy we can help you do this.

Sounds like a dream?

This could very easily become your reality with the PADI system of continuing education. Let us share our passion and help you open the door towards a career where every day is a new and exciting adventure! Let’s take those first steps, in your dive career and become a PADI Divemaster. Working closely with one of our PADI Instructors, you will expand your dive knowledge and hone your skills as you become a dive professional. Our PADI Divemaster internships develop your leadership abilities by training you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers. Here at Cabo Pulmo Dive Center, Baja Diving Academy, we have unmatched programs that offers you so much more than elsewhere in Baja California Sur area. At our Dive Center you'll get more than the basic training, and will be trained with the same foundation as our Instructors.

Start the Divemaster course today with online learning and dive theory online, and complete all academics prior to arriving at Cabo Pulmo.

We're fortunate here at Baja Diving Academy to have the boats, tanks, staff and resource to offer such a program to your benefit and also the reefs in marine park of Cabo Pulmo.

Under our direct supervision and with guidance and counseling from our experienced Instructors here at Baja Dive Academy, you’ll soon develop into a true dive professional. In fact many of our Divemasters go on to successfully complete training and gain employment throughout the world. The watermanship module will develop your strength and skills in the water and develop your confidence to a strong level of comfort. We put no time limit on the length of time you can stay with us so the more you put into this program the more you get out of it. We provide real world teaching experiences and train all of our trainees as if they plan to go on to become Instructors. You'll also get to take advantage of the great diving on our marine park reefs and as part of the service we provide to our Divemasters you’ll be offered specialty training in areas of diving where you have accumulated additional experience e.g. Fish Identification, Deep diving, etc.

Our on site swimming pool here at the Dive Center, ensures that we can have as much time as possible with you in the water to work on skill development and make you the best Divemaster we can, particularly should weather conditions become adverse, which can happen here in Cabo Pulmo when the winds are blowing towards us.

What are you waiting for?

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Email: info@cabopulmo.com

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