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Snorkeling Tour

Join us in Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort for a snorkeling tour and discover why the famed ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau called the waters around Cabo Pulmo “the world’s aquarium.”

This tour takes you to Mermaid Beach, the Sea Lion Colony, Las Navajas Reef and deep water snorkeling with Mantas, Jacks and Whale Watching in the right season and to isolated beaches for the ultimate snorkel excursion.

It’s the only snorkeling tour in Cabo Pulmo with certified guides on the boat, trained Captain’s and O2 on board.

All the snorkeling and safety gear is included. The use of a LIFE VEST is MANDATORY for all snorkelers in the national park.

Snorkel Tour = $1,500.00 MX - (Includes full snorkeling gear)

Passenger = USD - (Subject to Availability)

Park fee =  $100.00 MX - per person / per day

Dive Tours / 2 Tanks

Small groups of 6 divers per Guide.

  • 2 tank Dive Trip = $2,800.00 MX

  • Full gear rental = $600.00 MX - per day * Includes; Regulator, BCD, Wetsuit, Fins, Mask & Snorkel* 

  • Mask, Fins, Snorkel & Life Jacket = $100.00 MX - each, per day 

  • Wetsuit or BCD = $200.00 MX - each, per day

  • Regulator $300.00 MX - per day

  • Park fee $100.00 MX - per person, per day


Eat, Sleep & Dive Packages

This great package for certified divers starts in a 3 night stay and it looks like this:

Day 1:​ (Check in)

  • Welcome Dinner & cocktail,


Day 2: (Full day stay)

  • Light breakfast then—Let’s go diving!!!

  • 2 tanks & weights + required instructor / DM

  • We drift dive small groups of 6

  • After the first 2 tanks we have lunch at about 12:30 – 1pm

  • Additional tanks in the afternoon may be added for $2,244.00 MX per person.


Day 3: (Check out)

  • Good-bye breakfast and share some pics with the rest! 

Not included:  Alcohol, Gratuity(usually15-20%), Transportation and Dive gear.

Refresher Class

Has it been a while since you’ve been scuba diving?   


Do you feel like your scuba skills and knowledge are a bit rusty?

If you didn’t dive for more than 8 months or you want to review your scuba skills and knowledge, the refresher course is what you need.

During this experience you will briefly review some basic scuba concepts and practice some basic skills like clear and recover your regulator, clear your mask and share your alternative air source. After this skills session you can go in an actual open water dive with our regular Diving Trips.

The refresher Course  is particularly beneficial if you:

  •  Are a PADI Open Water Diver course referral student who wants a refresher prior to making your open water training dives

  •  Are a PADI Scuba Diver who wants to upgrade to Open Water Diver

  • Just haven’t been diving in a while and want to get your confidence back.

  • The Refresher Course is conducted in a confined water area and does not include an actual open water dive.

  • Price: $600.00 MX

Hiking & Biking.   


Created and designed by the local Cabo Pulmoites, these trails are diverse and beautiful.

With an estimated 15 to 20 miles of trails and endless 360 degree views of both desert and sea, you will not want to forget your camera.


Since it can get pretty hot out there on some days it’s important to remember your sunscreen and water bottles and it’s always a good idea to tell a friend where you are going.


Above all, enjoy yourself and relish in the tranquil Beauty of Cabo Pulmo!

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