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Dick Barrymore, best known as the pioneer in hotdog ski film making,  spent over 30 years shooting ski films around the world.  In 1970, he and his wife Betsy and his 2 sons, Blake and Cole, landed in Cabo Pulmo in a Cessna 182 after seeing the reef and were amazed at all the sea life and size of the fish.  Cabo Pulmo become the love of Dick’s life!  His family visited every year and fished and spear-fished avidly.  In 1987 Dick quit the movie business to develop a small rustic resort in Cabo Pulmo after discovering that there was a main underground aquifer that was soon thereafter tapped.  Water is what helped make Cabo Pulmo a tourist destination.

In 1993 his son,  Cole Barrymore,  quit the airline business as a pilot and moved to Cabo Pulmo to help his dad develop the homes in phase 1 of the development.  As an avid spear fisherman, the Barrymore’s had to give it all up in 1995 when the National Marine Park was established to help protect the diving and snorkeling and accommodate the National Park rules.  Then Cole decided it was time to actively pursue expanding the small dive and snorkel operation.  Much to Dick’s dismay, Cole bought his first boat from the earnings of the cabinet shop and ran snorkel tours to the area.  Now Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort rents units to customers from all around the world as a resort destination for divers, snorkelers, families, weddings and honeymooners or individuals who are seeking relief from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Now, more than 20 years later, Cabo Pulmo Dive Center located inside the village is one of the best PADI dive operations in all of Baja.  With 6 full time instructors on staff they are all here to ensure you get the best service, safety and Fun the world has to offer.  We recognize that safety is enhanced through continuing education and skill proficiency.  Our entire staff is committed to customer satisfaction.  We are available to provide individual counseling for continuing education, so that your diving experiences are safe and rewarding.

This underwater sea world on the East Cape of Baja is teaming with much bigger fish than before.  From Loreto to La Paz and on to San Jose and then to Cabo San Lucas you will not find anything like Cabo Pulmo.  On the outer reef in only 60 feet of water, there are several huge Black Sea Bass the size of refrigerators!   The biomass of fishes in the marine park are astronomical.  Scuba Divers now get to experience this special little Mexican village where there are no time-share salesmen or panhandlers to sell you anything.  Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort is one of the most relaxing places to visit in the world.  It feels like “Old Mexico” the way it was back in the 70’s.

Left to Right: Betsy, Blake, Cole & Dick Barrymore

1970 trip to Baja in the Cessna 182

Dick & Grouper in the 70's in Cabo Pulmo

We don't do this anymore ! ! ! ! !

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