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Since I was 17 years old I always wanted to be an airline pilot.  I achieved my Aeronautical Science Degree at San Jose State University.  At 21 I worked to get my commercial, instrument, and multi-engine ratings and then at 23 I was a certified flight instructor working for sandwich money.   After graduation in ’86 I got my Airline Transport license.  I continued flying people and packages all over Alaska . Then, in 1989, I started with United Express flying all over the Western United States. One day I decided that the airlines were not for me.


My Dad invited me to go to Baja to help him develop a new resort. We started building and in the process became a great team! Dick Barrymore, my Dad, was the king, Cremin Huxley as the superintendent, Rick Rickers in landscaping and gardening and me in the cabinet shop and maintenance.  It worked well and we had a good time together.


I have always had the aptitude of an entrepreneur, it is what drove me to buy my first snorkel boat in 1995.  My dad told me that I was nuts!  Now we have 5 boats and 25 employees.  At Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort we enjoy sharing and teaching others about the most vibrant and lively undersea world in Baja.

I now enjoy my time surfing in Baja and skiing in Sun Valley, Idaho, along with the daily commitment it takes to run the Dive Center and Resort.  I can honestly say that I love my job.  

Cole Barrymore Surfing Cabo Pulmo

I look forward to working and expanding the resort ONLY in an environmentally sustainable trend. Since the beginning of Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, we have all played a part in developing a very unique and different Eco-Resort that thousands have enjoyed over the last 25 years.

Come see us and all the fish!

Cheers!    Cole Barrymore

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